12 Aug 2021

  Just like most modes of self expression, photography is undoubtedly subject to ever evolving trends. Fashion, boudoir, and maternity photography evolves each and every season. Work of some of the most known publications and, in today’s world, social media accounts, often leads the change in photography with introduction of new styles, looks, and fashion. […]

13 Jul 2021

  Amidst what seemed like endless interruptions, restrictions, and lockdowns, our studio, just like so many others, had to close its doors for most of the past year. Despite the pause, we wanted to continue envisioning and aspiring for a new and better future for the studio in all its aspects: from set up design […]

24 Dec 2020

  One of the many things we love about matenity photo sessions is the opportunity to go big in everything! From striking gowns to specially designed artificial light set ups, every detail can and should be as powerful, unique, and beautiful as the mother to be herself! Every maternity session becomes an exploration and an […]

16 Oct 2020

    The big day is approaching, preparation guide has been read, the bag is ready to be packed… And you are completely our of ideas on what to wear for your upcoming maternity photo session? What would make it uniquely you and extra special? We completely understand the problem! After all, a pregnancy photo […]

22 Sep 2020

    If you are new to the idea of maternity photography, you might still question whether or not you should capture this time in your life. It is, afterall, an investment and you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Many doubts can arise, especially if the pregnancy itself is not making […]

10 Sep 2020

    Oh that pregnancy glow! Some ladies say that it’s a myth (granted, if you feel morning sickness, you don’t always feel glowing) but we at the studio like to think that there is more to it than a beautiful complexion. There is something so very special about the mother to be’s loving look […]

25 Aug 2020

    We at Kissed By Light Studio strive to keep things fresh and interesting, this is why we are always on the look out for new inspiration. It can be found virtually anywhere we look: nature, fashion, fine art, architecture, graphic design, and the list could go on! And, when it comes to our […]

30 Jul 2020

  It comes as no surprise that colors, textures, and light have an ability to portray emotions in a very powerful way. Be it a canvas of a seasoned artist, an elaborate sculpture, an architectural design, a work presentation or even a sandwich – there is a secret unspoken language behind every shape and color. […]

30 Jun 2020

  Over the years of work and practice, one may find that any camera has a magical ability to take on different qualities. In the hands of some, its lense may reveal what is hidden. Be it the way the light falls and changes in ways unseen by the naked eye or captures the moment […]

28 Apr 2020

  Over the years, Kissed By Light studio has built a team of some of the best professionals in the field, each bringing their talents, expertise, and creative input. Every member of our team, including photographers, assistants, makeup artists, and editors, is absolutely crucial to creation of Kissed By Light magic and making each of […]

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