28 Jun 2022

Simple elegance



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci


We are, without a doubt, big fans of letting creativity run wild… After all, what else is it for?! And it is on our sessions that we find creative outlets abound: from textures, flowers, outfits, and backgrounds to final lipstick colors, every detail counts in putting together that perfect photo. But it is also with this creative abundance that comes the great “responsibility”… Not to say that we are superheroes, but attaining effortless elegance does come with practice! We make sure to collaborate closely with our subjects to ensure that our sessions show only the essence, stripping away anything unnecessary, and leaving simple elegance at their core. It is especially important when capturing such moments as pregnancy. Photos that are created to be preserved in the family need to be timeless, with a style that ages well over time.

This was one of our key objectives when we got to put together a session for lovely Miss A. We strived to capture photos that are beautifully varied yet remain effortlessly elegant. Classic set ups, natural light, and flowing textures all came together wonderfully in this amazing photo series. Miss A shines in ever photo and we think that the session was a great success! Now, we are excited to show you the results and hope that you enjoy them!




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