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Timeless Elegance: Boudoir Photography at Any Age



In a world that values youth and beauty, it’s time to redefine elegance and allure. Boudoir photography, an art form that celebrates sensuality and self-expression, is not bound by age. Contrary to common misconceptions, boudoir photography transcends age and embraces the timeless essence of femininity. Let’s explore three compelling reasons why every woman should consider embracing a boudoir photo shoot at any age.

Embracing Self-Confidence:

Boudoir photography empowers women to embrace their bodies, curves, and imperfections. Regardless of age, every woman possesses a unique and innate beauty that deserves to be cherished. Through tasteful poses, lingerie, and an intimate setting, our female team will capture the essence of a woman’s beauty, self-confidence and body positivity.

Embodying Timeless Beauty:

Age is merely a number, and boudoir photography beautifully exemplifies this truth. Mature women possess a captivating magnetism that comes from a life well-lived and a deep understanding of their own femininity. Boudoir photography allows women to embrace their unique journeys and showcase their timeless elegance, creating treasured art pieces that remind them of their strength and beauty.

Celebrating Milestones and Transitions:

Life is an ever-changing tapestry of experiences, and each stage deserves to be cherished. Whether entering a new chapter, celebrating a milestone, or embracing authenticity, a boudoir session can commemorate these moments. From motherhood to maturity, boudoir photography captures the essence of transformative experiences in a tasteful and intimate manner, serving as a reminder of personal growth, resilience, and inner beauty.

We are thrilled to share with you our latest creation with our wonderful returning client, Miss N, whose presence has graced our blog posts on both PORTRAIT and BOUDOIR photography. With her confidence and captivating spirit, approached us this time with a desire to create something truly unique and artistic.

We envisioned a dance with fabrics, a celebration of her body and soul that has beautifully evolved over the years. It was an absolute joy working with her again and capture the essence of her journey creating intimate photos that exude elegance, beauty, and the timeless allure of a woman embracing her inner strength.

Remember, age is but a number, and true beauty knows no bounds. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-celebration, CONTACT US for more information or visit our INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT for more boudoir photos.




Capturing the ethereal beauty of pregnancy is a magical experience for both the expectant mother and the photographer. At Kissed by Light Studio, we believe in offering a variety of options when it comes to MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOTS, ensuring that every woman’s unique style and preferences are met with elegance and grace.

One of our muses, the radiant and enchanting Miss V, graced our studio with her presence for a breathtaking maternity session. As we embarked on this journey together, we carefully crafted two different looks and set-ups for her pregnancy photos.

For one of her looks, we designed a simple yet elegant dress made from pink fabric. Bathed in natural light and surrounded by soft pastels, we captured candid moments filled with warmth and serenity.

The resulting images were a testament to the sheer beauty of motherhood, where every smile and tender touch told a story of love and connection.

In contrast, we went for a dramatic and eye-catching magazine style for her second look.

Against a plain dark grey background, we used artificial lighting to bring out the vibrancy of her blonde hair, classic red lips, and stylish Louboutin heels. Our stunning black dress added an extra touch of elegance to the session.

We understand that every woman has her preferred style. That’s why we provide the flexibility to personalize your experience and capture your unique essence. Whether you prefer the airy and candid feel of natural light, the captivating allure of artificial lighting, or why not have both? We are here to bring your vision to life and create breathtaking maternity images that celebrate this wonderful moment.

Join us on INSTAGRAM to explore our collection of stunning maternity photos and share with us your favorite look.

Together, we’ll create timeless images that forever encapsulate the joy, anticipation, and pure love of this extraordinary chapter in your life.

Bridal Boudoir Photography: Summer Promotion!



Dear brides-to-be,

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines elegance, romance, and a touch of magic? Bridal boudoir photography is here to sweep you off your feet and create timeless memories that will leave your fiancé amazed. As you prepare for your intimate photoshoot, we’re here to guide you through the essentials, so you can relax and let our team work their enchantment.

Celebrate love with our Summer Promotion for brides-to-be!
Receive with your package 3 Mini Books* as our special gift.
CONTACT US today to book your Bridal Boudoir Session!


First things first, what exactly is bridal boudoir photography? It’s an art form that delicately captures the beauty and sensuality of a bride-to-be in an intimate setting. With soft lighting, ethereal props, and elegant lingerie, this experience allows you to embrace your femininity, confidence, and anticipation as you transition into the role of a wife.

To ensure your photoshoot is everything you’ve dreamed of, there are a few things you should bring along. Start by selecting lingerie that makes you feel beautiful,  whether it’s a lacy teddy, a silk robe, a complete lingerie set or a delicate corset. Consider colours that complement your skin tone and reflect your personal style, white or pastel colours are ideal for the theme. Don’t forget to bring any sentimental items, such as your engagement ring, a special piece of jewelry, a veil, flowers or any accessories that holds significance for you.

We want to capture your vision, so we will recommend you to  create a moodboard with your ideas. PINTEREST, magazines or INSTAGRAM can serve as inspiration. By sharing your vision and preferences, our team can ensure every detail aligns with your desires, making your boudoir experience uniquely tailored to you. From the poses or the overall atmosphere to the makeup and hair looks, your moodboard will guide us in creating a breathtaking scene that tells your love story.

Finally, on the day of your bridal photoshoot, it’s time to let go of any worries and simply relax. Our team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease. We understand the vulnerability that comes with boudoir photography, and we take pride in creating a safe and empowering environment for every bride. Trust our photographers, stylists, and assistants as they work their magic behind the scenes, capturing your beauty and sensuality in a way that will surprise and captivate your fiancé.

Remember, this experience is all about celebrating your unique journey to the altar. It’s a gift to yourself and your partner, a celebration of love and beauty. So, take a deep breath, leave inhibitions behind, and trust in the enchantment that awaits you.

Bridal boudoir photography is an art that allows you to unveil your inner goddess and capture a fleeting moment in time. It’s an opportunity to create an intimate gift for your fiancé, a memory that will forever hold the excitement and anticipation of your upcoming union. So, embrace the elegance, the romance, and the magic and allow our team to craft a masterpiece that will leave your beloved breathless.

Find out more about our promotions in our INSTAGRAM account!

With love,


* Scroll down to view the last image and get a glimpse of how our Mini Brag Books look like.

Boudoir Photography: Unleashing Confidence and Empowerment



If you’re looking for a way to bring back your confidence and empower yourself, a boudoir photo session might just be the perfect thing for you. These intimate and sensual photoshoots are meant to capture your beauty and sexiness in a classy and artistic way.

Black and white boudoir photography possesses a unique ability to cultivate a timeless, classic, and elegant ambiance that effortlessly envelops you in a star-like aura.

If you happen to be in Toronto, don’t hesitate to REACH OUT and schedule an introductory session with us. We would love to meet you in person and provide you with all the information you need about the captivating world of boudoir photography.

Before your boudoir photo session, it’s important to communicate with the team about your preferences and what you want to achieve with the photos. You can bring in your own sexy and playful lingerie, or choose from our collection to find the perfect outfit that suits you. The right lingerie can make you feel confident and empowered, and that confidence will shine through in the photos.

During the photoshoot, your photographer will guide you on how to pose and create the perfect shot. We’ll capture your beauty and sensuality in a way that highlights your best features and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s important to remember that boudoir photography is not just about looking sexy, but about feeling confident and empowered as well.

After the session, you’ll get to see the results of your hard work. Black and white boudoir photos have a way of capturing the emotions and mood of the moment, creating a cherished timeless piece of art. It’s a way of celebrating your beauty and sensuality, and feeling proud of who you are.

Our Boudoir sessions can be a transformative experience, helping you to feel more confident and empowered both in and out of the bedroom. It’s a way of embracing your beauty and sensuality, and showing the world what you’re made of. Remember, how you feel on the inside shows on the outside.

Miss K, our beautiful muse who recently graced our blog with her BOUDOIR PHOTOS, understood the transformative power of a boudoir photoshoot. On her birthday, she chose to celebrate herself, her beauty, and her unwavering confidence by embarking on a boudoir photoshoot with us. And, why not? She also planned to share the captivating and sensual results with her beloved.

Be inspired, take a look at our INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT.

A Tribute to Motherhood: Celebrate Mother’s Day with our Special Offer



Happy Mother’s Day and at Kissed by Light Photography, we believe it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there.

Whether you’re a mother with grown-up children, a first-time expectant mother, or someone who simply wants to honor the beauty of motherhood, this is the time to cherish the special moments and create lasting memories.

If you’ve experienced the joys and challenges of raising children, or you’re embarking on the exciting path of motherhood for the first time. You deserve to be celebrated and honoured for the incredible love and care you provide.

As mothers, you are the pillars of strength, the nurturing souls, and the guiding lights in your children’s lives. Your selflessness and dedication shape the future generation, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and souls.

Our muse Miss K arrived at our photography studio with very unique maternity dresses and outfits that reflected her personal style and personality. With our expertise in natural and also artificial lighting, we aimed to enhance the simplicity and beauty of our beautiful mom-to-be.

Expecting a new baby is a remarkable journey filled with joy, anticipation, and love. We understand the significance of preserving these precious moments and maternity photography captures the unique beauty of pregnancy, celebrating the miracle of life within you.

A way to embrace and treasure every change your body goes through during this extraordinary time. It is always a pleasure for us to capture the essence of motherhood through a memorable maternity photo session.

To all the mothers out there, we want to express our deepest gratitude and admiration. You are the heroes in our lives, and your love is the driving force behind all that is good in this world. Take this day to pamper yourself, to be celebrated and recognized for all that you are and all that you do.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we are offering a limited-time MOTHERHOOD PROMOTION, exclusively available until Monday 15th and we would be delighted to have you in our studio! Don’t be late, CONTACT US today!

From our hearts to yours, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

Visit our INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT for more maternity photos!

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