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Blossoming beginnings


In a creative profession such as ours, inspiration is often the driving force, one that makes our world go round and magic happen! It is what, combined with hard work and perseverance, creates breakthroughs and helps us capture our best photos yet! While there are plenty of inspirational sources out there, there is one that never ceases to amaze us – our dear muses! Every one of our lovely ladies has a spark that shines in the photos and inspires us to create new, unique work. We truly believe that we owe our studio’s success to our lovely clients, who not only support us but drive us to create new things, push boundaries, and explore different styles during each session. Over the years, we have created a preparation process that helps us pinpoint our muse’s vision and unveil it within our photos. We go over things like their preferred looks, inspirational photos, previous photo sessions (so we don’t repeat ideas), and overall style. Whether we are capturing boudoir, maternity, personal branding, or family photo session, opportunities for creative output and collaboration are endless, which is why no two sessions are ever the same!

Recently, we were thrilled to hold a second session for our wonderful muse Miss M! Initially, she has done a boudoir session at our studio (see it here – boudoir), and it was now time to create a maternity one! It was amazing to work with Miss M, and she has, yet again, inspired us to push boundaries and create something unique! As she was a dancer in the past, we wanted to embrace this side of her life and capture a lot of motion in her photos. Light textures, morning light, and some lovely blossoms made for perfect set ups, while Miss M’s elegant, dance like movements highlighted her beautiful physique, creating some truly captivating maternity photos! This session turned out incredibly beautiful, and we are very excited to share it with you!


Morning coffee



Whether you are a morning person or not, whether you need that coffee or three to start the day, we can all agree that beginning of the day is one of the most personal and intimate times of day. It is the time that we usually only share with those that are the closest to us or, sometimes, keep it entirely to ourselves. It sheds light on a new day and strips away all the unnecessary things of yesterday. There is quite nothing like a slow morning with loved ones, your special someone, or by yourself, and it is this feeling that we often like to recreate in our signature natural light sessions. Attaining authentic feelings and beauty is one of our key goals when approaching boudoir and fine art nude photography. It is this down to earth, simple, yet elegant style that creates some of the warmest and stunning captures and inspires us to experiment with the morning light. Sheer textures, white colors, clean lines, and simple set ups, everything goes into creating photos that reflect that morning warmth.

And we were very excited to expand on this theme with our lovely muse Miss K. Her session encompassed a great variety of styles, from seductress (see our previous blogpost for this part one of the series) to effortless morning beauty. We created our signature “in his shirt” look and an elegant nude, against some of our studio’s favorite set ups: a bed with simple white sheets and grey professional background.  Together, we think that we succeeded in capturing that feeling of a beautiful, intimate morning. And we think Miss K looks incredible in this style!

We are very excited to show you this photo series and hope that you enjoy!


Reminiscing her day



There are a certain few events in our lives that mark the most important and magical milestones. They may be different to us all, be it a wedding, first children, first business, turning a certain age, finding self-love, or achieving important goals, but they all deserve to be remembered, celebrated, and preserved. And it is with celebration in mind, that we like to approach them at our studio, from bridal boudoir and maternity photos to business portraits, every occasion is captured to mark the important date. A kind of celebration where you are made the star, the “main character”, and your creative vision is followed and executed. Where you get to sit in the director’s chair, have your makeup done, hair curled into your favorite style, and looks styled by our team. It is where we encourage creativity and allow imagination run wild. In short, it is where we always hope to create an environment of celebration and beauty. And, together, we capture some lovely photos, ones you may feel proud to display, share with your loved ones, and keep for years to come.

Recently, we had a wonderful pleasure of creating some lovely photos for Miss C. She was looking to recapture the magic of her wedding in a series of celebratory photos with her dress. We greatly enjoyed creating this new take, recreating her wedding look in a relaxed and specially designed environent, where we could truly concentrate on her look and capture photos worthy of it. And creating these beautiful set ups was a lot of fun on its own! This is where we could get creative, play with textures, and create an environment where her wedding dress truly shines. We think that the goal was beautifully achieved, if we may say so ourselves, and we are very excited to show you the results!

Simple elegance



“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci


We are, without a doubt, big fans of letting creativity run wild… After all, what else is it for?! And it is on our sessions that we find creative outlets abound: from textures, flowers, outfits, and backgrounds to final lipstick colors, every detail counts in putting together that perfect photo. But it is also with this creative abundance that comes the great “responsibility”… Not to say that we are superheroes, but attaining effortless elegance does come with practice! We make sure to collaborate closely with our subjects to ensure that our sessions show only the essence, stripping away anything unnecessary, and leaving simple elegance at their core. It is especially important when capturing such moments as pregnancy. Photos that are created to be preserved in the family need to be timeless, with a style that ages well over time.

This was one of our key objectives when we got to put together a session for lovely Miss A. We strived to capture photos that are beautifully varied yet remain effortlessly elegant. Classic set ups, natural light, and flowing textures all came together wonderfully in this amazing photo series. Miss A shines in ever photo and we think that the session was a great success! Now, we are excited to show you the results and hope that you enjoy them!




Strike a pose


Arched back, relaxed gaze, a hair style that looks perfectly in place… Posing is one of boudoir’s most important aspects so it is no surprise that it can make anyone nervous ahead of the session! But the good news is that even though posing needs to be done by the model herself, every aspect of it is carefully thought through and guided by our team, so it is something that we tell all of our muses not worry about! Over the years, our director has come up with absolutely perfect bourdoir poses, each meant to highlight the figure, captivate, and make every photo special. They are first shown by our photographer and, then, our team gently guides you to perfect it (think like a Yoga class!). And no one muse is the same, so we always make sure to tailor the poses individually! Maybe you have wonderful curves you would like to show or legs you are proud of – poses are designed to highlight your strongest features. And, of course, we work with angles to ensure that the pose is captured just the right way. Needless to say, you are definitely going to feel slight soreness afterwards as if you have attended a yoga class! A long epsom salt bath is highly recommended…

Recently, we had a great pleasure of capturing a series of boudoir photos for lovely Miss K. A beauty from both within and out, she wanted to have some boudoir photos to celebrate herself and we were excited to capture some classic looks with her! We went with understated but beautiful makeup, highlighting her lips and creating a golden glow to go with her wonderful red hair. And we used our favorite, signature boudoir poses to show her lovely figure in the most dramatic light! She did an amazing job and we are very excited to show you the results of this wonderful photo session!


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