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It is often said that there is a time and place for everything and perhaps it is true, but what happens when there is just no time or place left for things and, in particular, self expression that, deep inside, we truely want to explore? We often arrange our plans, outfits, and even choices on a menu with society established norms in mind, but when do we get to play dress up, wear those drop dead gorgeous heels stored at the back of the closet, and, perhaps, try ourselves out in a role of a femme fatale, one we secretly have stored away until that “time is right” moment?! Let’s face it – it is rare that such an occasion magically appears and that dust collecting on those shoes and special outfits is a testament to the fact. Sometimes, it’s not about waiting for the right time and place but, instead, making it happen – finding the time for our long awaited ideas to take shape, finding an occasion to put on those beautiful clothes, and finding the place to let out that inner bombshell.

At Kissed By Light, we have created a safe space for just that kind of special creative outlet. We create sessions that help let out that inner bombshell and encourage to experiment with creative outfits. This is the place to wear those beautiful shoes to and the place to explore even the bravest, most striking outfit ideas.

Recently, we had a wonderful pleasure of working with stunning Miss L. on her very own boudoir creative photo session at our Toronto studio.  A friend and a fellow professional, we have long worked with Miss L. in printed product creation, but this is the first time we collaborated on a photo session of her own. And the session was absolutely amazing! Miss L’s beautiful and unique looks and wonderful personality shined through, and we just can’t get over how stunning she looks!

We hope that you enjoy this selection from our session!




She said yes!


Over many years of studio’s work, we got to capture and be present ahead of some of our dear clients’ greatest, most wonderful celebrations. Milestones that truely make life special and are to be remembered for many years to come. Brides getting their bridal boudoir photos ready ahead of their big day, mothers to be getting ready to welcome their baby, families capturing a moment in time before children grow up, ladies starting a new business, and many many more. But, sometimes, we don’t just get to put together a photo session ahead of an important moment but also capture a happy occasion just as it happens right in our studio!

We had the pleasure of being present for one such event recently when we planned a boudoir session for lovely Miss S. She came to capture some boudoir photos for herself and a few portraits with her boyfriend. But she didn’t know that her boyfriend was planning a big surprise during the session and prepared a proposal! We have arranged for a signal and the right time with him to ensure everything goes smoothly and Miss S didn’t suspect… And it was a great success! We got to capture this moment just as it happened and create a formal look for the newly engaged couple to make the announcement! It was a great pleasure working with Miss S. and her fiance, and, if we may add, a great honour that we were chosen to be a part of such an important moment in their lives! We wish the lovely couple great happiness as they embark on this new journey!

And, for our readers, we have put together a few photos from the happy occasion!



Modern mother to be



We believe that every mother to be deserves beautiful maternity photos that capture this important moment in her life! Photos that show her beauty, character, mood, style, and, of course, are completely unique to her. Which is why our team is dedicated to tailoring our pregnancy sessions to every mother to be and her very own unique taste. Anything from new set up combinations to correct lighting may play a role in creating something special, while the outfits and tailored posing complete the session. The only thing left to plan for our mothers to be themselves are the main style and theme (or several) that they would like to incorporate into the session.

In the recent years, we have been creating more and more sessions in a more minimalist, contemporary style, featuring modern looks and beautiful artificial lighting. We had a great pleasure of creating one such modern look for our studio’s very own makeup artist Vika. With a contemporary yet classy style in mind, we created a special set up and lighting composition for her gorgeous bodysuit and necklace look. In an instant, it became one of our favorite classics – every photo looks elegant, timeless, and very modern.

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!


Experience that counts



We often wonder just what is that golden formula of a truly valuable experience. For some, it is something that creates happy memories to cherish for years to come, for others, it may be the transformation that takes place inside them during the event. Many people have very different ideas of where true value lies in the experiences that they seek, but we often find that one of the biggest ones is the self discovery that takes place. Traveling, going to events, spending time with friends and family, exploring new places – the best of these experiences tend to be the ones that reveal to us who we are and make us better. With this thought in mind, we always try to make our photography experience most and foremost one of self discovery and liberation. Many women have first walked into our studio with feelings of self doubt, that told them that they are not beautiful enough, not slim enough, not curvy enough, not photogenic enough, not sexy enough. Through our work together and the experience of a photo session, they walked out with photos that spoke to them not only that they are good enough, but that they are perfect just the way they are. It is what we strive to as a team and what truly makes our work so very special to us.

Recently, we had a great pleasure of working with lovely Miss K. She came to our studio to treat herself to a special experience and capture some beautiful photos, of course. We wanted to celebrate her and create a unique and memorable session, with photos that may empower and make her feel confident. Miss K already had some wonderful looks that she selected for her session, which we completed with shoes from our collection. We think that the photos turned out absolutely lovely and Miss K looks absolutely stunning!

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!


Maternity series in black and white


Just like most modes of self expression, photography is undoubtedly subject to ever evolving trends. Fashion, boudoir, and maternity photography evolves each and every season. Work of some of the most known publications and, in today’s world, social media accounts, often leads the change in photography with introduction of new styles, looks, and fashion. So what is one to do when choosing the style to go with for one’s very own photo session? What if the looks that seem so unique and fresh today look downright silly in ten years time? Afterall, when it comes to personal photography, you want it to look beautiful for many years to come as it turns into a precious memory. We find that the answer lies in balance – we love to try out new looks and styles at the studio but always seek to incorporate timeless and personal elements that may never age or go after style.

Such was the case when we had the opportunity to work with our lovely muse Miss A. Together, we worked to create a session that is both modern yet timeless, incorporating her elegant style into every shot. And, to give it that extra touch of elegance, we made part of the session in an effortlessly classy black and white style.

We hope that you enjoy this lovely maternity series!

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