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Red rose


It is said that all colors and flowers have special meanings behind them… For example a white carnation stands for innocence, while a red one stands for deep love. A blue hyacinth stands for constancy, and a yellow one for jealousy. There are as many meanings and secret languages connected to flowers from across different cultures as there are flowers on Earth. But there is perhaps only one flower that needs no introduction or explanation – a red rose always stands for love. And it is a flower that we absolutely love using in some of our boudoir photo sessions. There is just something about it that exudes passion and energy, in the ways no other accent can. And there is nothing like a beautiful red lipstick to complete a boudoir look and allow every photo to shine. It is a timeless conbination that we often revisit, especially when creating a classic, moody boudoir look with black lingerie and elegant set ups.

Recently, we had a great pleasure working with beautiful Miss D, who has brought a set of her very own special roses for the session. They were lovely paper flowers that she creates for her business and that completed her look marvellously (follow this link to see more of her beautiful creations – and Instagram page). We thought they made for an amazing accent together with red lips and classic, elegant looks. While a mix of both refined and contemporary set ups complete this session with some great variety.

We are very excited to share this latest session with you and hope that you may feel inspired to have flowers featured in your next photos too!


Dare to be creative



Our team absolutely loves style experimentations that often go into our photo sessions! Perhaps it is the thrill of exploring new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of what we have already done or maybe it is simply the kind of creative outlet that everyone needs to experience once in a while. All in all, opportunities are abound when you have a muse, a great makeup artist, and a talented photographer to work together and collaborate on something truly special! This is one of the reasons why ahead of each session, we recommend looking through potential style ideas on the web (or our Pinterest page and Instagram), in order to conceptualize some possibilities. And then we advise putting together a few more looks than included in the package of choice, so that together with our team, final outfit decisions can be adjusted and made, looks can be matched up with studio’s accessories, and set ups can be put together to tie everything in. It is a creative process that is really a lot of fun and not as intimidating as it may seem, especially for a photography first timer! That is something that our returning muses can attest to – with each passing session, this creative process becomes all the more fun as any doubts are replaced with confidence and artisitic self-realisation.

Marvellous Miss O. is one of our such dear returning muses and a great creative! Over the years, we have had some spectacular photo sessions together (see them here – Being Yourself and  Treat Yourself Right), each more interesting and creative than the other! An avid jewellery and fashion lover, she brings some fantastic statement pieces to photo sessions with her. Together, we collaborate to match the looks, expand on their theme, and design some unique set ups to highlight the overall style. This session, we have created a dramatic makeup look to go with her beautiful purple hair style, that added a certain retro element to her bold and moder look. And then a mix of old-fashioned and contemporary set ups have been created to highlight every unique ourfit!

We hope that you enjoy this fabulous photo series and feel inspired to experiment in your next photo session!

New music release!



We at Kissed By Light are incredibly proud to be working with some very talented, wonderful women. Not just experts in their respective fields, many of our ladies have different great passions and beautiful dreams. Over the years, we grew to be a family that strives to support each other in personal and professional endeavors – we love to collaborate with our team members (and our lovely clients as well) on their latest projects. Today, we would like to introduce you to our marvellous Katrina Anastasia, who is not only our amazing expert in ensuring all photo sessions go smoothly and set ups are custom designed to be flawless, but also a very talented singer! With multiple EP releases under her wing now (you may hear some of her beautiful songs in our reels), she has now released a new collection of 6 songs (EP) called “It’s cool to care”.

The story behind this release in her own words:

“I came up with the “motto” “It’s cool to care” about a year ago and it touches on the fact that it seems like these days its cool NOT to care, we fill our body with toxins, we pollute our planet, we don’t seem to care or put any effort when strangers or people across the world are in need. I want to change this stigma.

Because in fact it is cool to care about ourselves, and our health, our family, friends, strangers, the planet, animals, and so on. And when we put that positive loving energy into ourselves and the people around us, the universe amplifies it and allows life to feel a little easier, not as heavy, and our thoughts and actions become a lot cleaner.”

Realesed on the Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, this message becomes all the stronger in its intent to help make its listeners more aware of the importance of caring about our environment and the planet. It is something that we strongly feel about and so proud to support Katrina in. Working together with our head photographer and founder Lora Vertue, Katrina had some ethereally beautiful photos captured for her song’s cover. Her poses for the session are meant to portray the bare emotions and feel of her latest release. This artistic nude photo series is definitely one of our favorites!

Stream Katrina’s latest realease here –



Bright beginnings



If there is one thing that we, as a photography team, love to capture the most, it would be love itself! It may sound like a broad topic (and an elusive one at that) to attempt to capture, but we insist it really is at the heart of our greatest inspirations! Be it self love, romantic love, mother’s love, family love, or love for one’s purpose and creativity, these are the sparks that make a capture truly magical. No photo is just a mere moment frozen in time – there is always a story, depth, and, if you look from the right angle, love to it. And, sometimes, we get the honour to see these stories develop and unfurl further as time progresses. We get to be there for stories of women who came to our studio for some boudoir photos and a confidence boost and have continued to come back as their lives progressed and evolved. The transformations that we see are sometimes nothing short of incredible – women of all ages becoming wives, mothers, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and artists. Who doesn’t adore these real life love and transformation stories?! We certainly do and aim to do them justice in capturing their magic in our photos.

We got one such opportunity when we had wonderful Miss M come to our studio to capture her maternity photos. She originally visited us to have some elegant photos done ahead of her wedding and it was wonderful to see her again and, this time, photograph the beginning of a new, wonderful chapter in her life! With her husband joining the session for several looks, this pregnancy photo series captured the magic of the new family’s love. Miss M had some great looks prepared for this session that were simple and effortlessly elegant, lending photos their intimate and natural atmosphere. While a combination of both airy and bold set ups, gave this session some beautiful diversity.

We are very excited to share a peak into Miss M’s amazing maternity series!

For more maternity photography inspiration, visit our maternity blog or Instagram. For more information on our maternity sessions and their planning, visit our maternity photography page.

Pre-wedding magic



There is no doubt – days leading up to that important “I do” can be quite hectic! And it’s no wonder! Afterall, the bride to be suddenly has to navigate the world of wedding planning that has blown up over the years. All the tasting cakes, flowers, fittings, and relatives can make one’s head spin! Which is why, taking time to nurture yourself and the romance that, in the end, the whole thing is all about is crucial. Taking a pause and seeing the magic behind the relationship, feeling the excitement that comes with the momentous occasion, and finding ways to treat your special someone can be all the bride to be needs at this stage. And it is with this thought in mind that we like to approach our bridal boudoir photo sessions! For one, they are designed to be versatile – it is a day of pampering, a wonderful confidence boost, and also a special gift for the groom on the wedding day (that makes the days leading up to the wedding all the more fun – just imagining the look on his face when he sees the photos is priceless). This photo session also becomes a day that the bride to be can have all to herself! Afterall, given that it is often a secret, and there need not be any friends or relatives to share their opinions and give suggestions, it can be just you, your ideas and creativity!

Recently, we got to create one such exciting session for a lovely bride to be Miss C! This gorgeous lady had some very romantic looks in mind for her photo session and, together, we designed a session that is delightfully beautiful! Lace, tulle, flowers, crystal chandellier – everything has set the scene for an almost magical boudoir series. Miss C’s beautiful looks reflected classic bridal beauty while a few of our accessorie and a veil completed the set wonderfully!

We are very excited to share a peak into Miss C’s beautiful photo series with you!

For more of our bridal boudoir photo sessions, follow this link – bridal boudoir.



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