13 Dec 2022

  2023 is fast approaching and we are very excited! This year has brought plenty of changes with it and growth for our team! For one, our lovely photographer Cristina started her work at the studio with great success! We also have developed some new setups, looks, and ideas for all of our favorite photo […]

25 Jun 2020

  It has been more than three months since we last opened our studio for a photo session and we can sincerely admit – it felt like ages! This is why we are incredibly happy and thankful to announce our reopening this week! It was a challenging and transformative period that has taught us a […]

08 Oct 2019

In today’s world, it may be important to look more than skin deep into the businesses and products we invest in. From environmental impact to worker treatment, the world of business is often more than just about pretty wrapping on a product, making an act of purchase a lot more than just a whim of […]

02 Oct 2019

It would be fair to say that year 2019 might go into history as humanity’s important turning point. A point in history when our environmental impact is not only acknowledged but is fought with full fervor by many countries and industrialists alike. More and more industries are prioritizing the minimization of their impact on nature, […]

10 Sep 2019

We have had a great pleasure of working on many different projects in the past, each time learning something completely new. From creative collaborations and editorials to various advertisements, each photo session has given our team an invaluable learning experience, not to mention that it is always a pleasure to work with talented people from […]

05 Jun 2019

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale Her infinite variety.” – from “Antony and Cleopatra” by Shakespeare Continuing our series, we would like to pay homage to the woman who has become the center of many legends, poems, art, and history. The woman whose character is not just one of the most popular Halloween costumes, […]

08 May 2019

Just earlier this year, we were very excited to announce a very special give away for St. Valentine’s day… Given that the day is all about love, we wanted to celebrate one lucky lady and create a beautiful photo session for her at Kissed By Light Studio. As the draw was approaching, we saw so […]

01 May 2019

To celebrate this wonderful and blooming season, our team has created a special gift for our dear clients! With the purchase of any of our Boudoir Packages, our clients get a complimentary Additional Look featuring seasonal and/or faux flowers*. Our team loves working with flowers as they truly enhance and compliment female beauty, creating a […]

14 Feb 2019

We would like to wish the happiest of Valentines to our wonderful readers, and just as we promised, announce the one lucky winner of our giveaway! We would like to congratulate @caprice_decor! She has been drawn to win our signature boudoir package at the Kissed By Light Studio! We are very excited to meet her […]

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