Boudoir & Art Nude

Boudoir & Art Nude

A recent trend or a long-awaited creative outlet? At Kissed by Light Photo studio we are convinced that a classy and sophisticated boudoir photoshoot is definitely the latter. Providing women with a beautiful, feminine, and safe space to express themselves is one of the best things we’ve ever created! A boudoir photo shoot is a fun, liberating, and empowering experience, that, as per our client’s words, “every woman should experience at least once in her lifetime”.


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Kissed By Light style is airy and bright; boudoir captures are full of intimacy and delicate details. Behind our photographers’ extensive knowledge of angles, light amplitude, and compositions lies a true fascination with female beauty. We frequently include glamour elements to create context for a sexy boudoir photo story, such as lingerie, lace, ostrich fans, feathers, and jewellery. Just as some people prefer diamonds without a setting, the elements of boudoir can be stripped bare to achieve the most intimate feel in photographs – nude female photography.


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Introductory Session

We believe boudoir photography is an expression of one’s inert sense of style and personality, which is why Kissed By Light team ensures every session is customized, with every aspect tailored to your preference. Come to our studio and meet with one of our managers and the creative director, who will take you on a little tour and help you determine your photo session goals and inspirations.


The introductory session is complimentary and can be optional. Depending on your preferences, we are happy to assist you with preparation over email.

Lingerie & Set ups

A boudoir photo session is where lingerie dreams come true. It is the time to bring out some of the most beloved styles, classics, and to experiment. The studio’s stylist helps you prepare before the photo session and pick out the best pieces. Our packages include at least two outfit changes, allowing room to experiment. Each set up is picked to match your style while accentuating your lingerie and complexion.

In order to amplify the mood, set the tone for a photo session, and reveal character, our stylist and creative director have put together a collection of beautiful lingerie and accessories, each meant to help further enhance photographs’ composition and aesthetic. Learn more about our STUDIO WARDROBE.

Photo Session

Your experience begins and this day is all about you! Our make up artist & stylist helps you achieve your look for the photo session, as you relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly. Your make up is applied to help accentuate your features and bring out your style, while your hair is styled carefully to match the overall look. When you are ready, our photographer creates your very first set up as you change into the first look. During the photo session, the photographer guides you every step along the way to help you take the most striking poses and find your best angles. The music, the lights, the beautiful fabrics, everything creates your photo shoot’s style and feel, as you find your flow and reveal your sensuous side.

Retouching Philosophy

Our all-female team of expertly skilled digital artists perform magazine quality retouching on all of the images you will be shown at your viewing session. We love our job and take pride in every detail. Our carefully developed techniques were meticulously honed to reveal the natural beauty of each woman in our mission to provide you with stunning photos to adore for generations to come.

Viewing Session

Within 10-14 business days, your photos will be ready for your personalized viewing. During your meeting with our product specialist, you will get to review your photo session’s results and pick your favorites. You will also get a closer look at our printed product collection, each available for customization, to help you display your photographs in style.


Kissed By Light Studio offers a range of customizable packages. Please contact us to learn more – INQUIRY.

Our Photo Session reservations require a non-refundable deposit of $450 that goes towards the final cost. You may reschedule with a 72 hours notice.