In today’s busy, digital age, one cannot underestimate the importance of the visual component in all aspects of any business: from websites, to social media, to marketing campaigns, and cross media advertisement, every image strives to be worth a thousand reasons for a client to want, buy, use, or simply get interested in. Whether you are just starting a new business or reinventing your already established brand, creation of the visual component is a crucial and, at times, stressful undertaking. Our team is dedicated to taking our clients from an idea to the end result using most effective and cost efficient steps, producing material that integrates seamlessly into the brand’s story, vision, and future marketing needs.


A carefully thought through and relevant brand image is perhaps one of the most important steps to creating the photographic content that will not only attract customers to the product displayed, but reflect the brand’s unique message, creating a meaningful connection with each customer. Whether you are an experienced creative director and have a clear vision for your content or just starting out in the field, our creative director will be happy to assist you in recognizing your goals, inspirations, and the general direction to take. We have an extensive experience creating content in our studio’s signature style as well as contemporary, modern, fine art, bohemian, and many more unique directions.

Introductory session

In order to establish your project’s first steps, creative direction, scheduling, and estimates, we will organize an Introductory Session for you with our studio’s creative director or plan a phone call/email estimates for remote projects. We have an established system to help get started on your goals in the minimum amount of time, and work with an extensive crew of professionals in makeup artistry, hair styling, lighting, styling, videography, editing, and modeling industries, whose participation can be arranged with no down time, based on your goals and initial plans.


Kissed By Light Studio offers a range of customizable services and packages each designed to fit an extensive variety of projects. Please contact us to learn more – INQUIRY.

Our Photo Session reservations require a non-refundable deposit of 30% from the total estimate of your session that goes towards the final cost.