07 Feb 2023

    At one point or another in our life, we’ve all probably heard it – be a lady, be nice, don’t dress too provocatively, yet also not boring, don’t be a prude, yet don’t be too forward, you are a mother you shouldn’t dress sexy but also don’t look like a nun…etc. As girls, […]

24 Nov 2022

  At Kissed By Light, we love to go big in understated ways! No setup is left without careful thought and planning, and no one look is created the same. Our studio is not a very large space by no means, but it is full of wonderful settings that we play with during every session. […]

17 Nov 2022

    What does an ideal birthday celebration look like? There is no one answer, of course, as it is a highly individual affair, but there are usually a few things we can find in common. Many a time, it is the day we bring together our friends and family to celebrate, have fun, and […]

14 Nov 2022

    Holidays are just around the corner, and it is already the time to get your gifts sorted! While we are all in for the traditional stocking stuffers, there is a very unique one that is a favorite with our muses – boudoir photos! Classy and striking personal boudoir series presented in a custom […]

01 Nov 2022

    We believe that boudoir plays by no rules. Aside from photography’s more technical aspects such as angles, aperture, lighting, focal points, and other specialized details (which we take fully upon ourselves at Kissed By Light Studio), it is a genre that is meant to liberate rather than constrain. It is meant to help […]

13 Oct 2022

    When in life of a couple, we reach one of those rare few, incredibly valuable milestones, it is undoubtedly a debt that we owe to ourselves to celebrate it to the fullest! One such important milestone is, of course, the anniversary! It is the moment to truly reconnect, appreciate each other, and, perhaps, […]

Halloween boudoir photos of blonde in leather corset
07 Oct 2022

  It’s that time of the year again and we are playing our very own trick or treat! Or, that is, putting together a tricky boudoir session that is bound to be a treat for the eyes 🙂 There is just something about this holiday that wakes up some naughtiness in all of us! And […]

01 Oct 2022

  Boudoir photography, at its essence, is really an art of empowerment. An art that can reveal what hides behind our everyday persona and unveil our innermost beauty and ideas. The secret aspirations, style, passions, and even alter egos could lie hidden beyond the surface even from those that are the closest to us, only […]

13 Sep 2022

    As with any creative profession, boudoir photography is a whole lot of fun in experimentation! We love to push boundaries and try something new, exploring new elements, ideas, and settings. But, one thing is for certain, we never turn away from good boudoir classics! Lace, silks, stockings, heels, and satin sheets are some […]

16 Aug 2022

    Due to the nature of our profession, Kissed By Light team is always looking to stay on top of all the recent trends in beauty. Be it makeup, hair styling, photography techniques, or special set ups, we work hard to stay informed and expand our skills! But when it comes to our favorite […]

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