Jewelry with a big purpose

Oct 8, 2019News & Events

Jewelry with a big purpose

In today’s world, it may be important to look more than skin deep into the businesses and products we invest in. From environmental impact to worker treatment, the world of business is often more than just about pretty wrapping on a product, making an act of purchase a lot more than just a whim of a moment or a simple desire for many people. Purchasing is becoming a form of a vote of confidence, an act of trust not just in the product but in a company’s narrative, purpose, and impact. And it is wonderful to see how now, more and more talented teams unite to create quality products with a positive impact on the world, trying to make a change even if just with one sale at a time.

And such teams may be found closer to home than we think! Our very own friends have started a unique brand with a big message in Toronto! Their brand Okean specializes in unique, hand crafted rings, with designs drawing inspiration from the beauty of an ocean and its coastlines. With every purchase, proceeds are donated directly to the “Plastic Oceans” organisation to support cleaning expeditions, development of legislation and fostering solutions for a plastic-free future.

To celebrate Okean Collection soft launch, they prepared a special offer for you : 15% off the entire collection. Please visit

Our founder, Lora Vertue, has partnered with the brand to create a campaign for their very first collection of rings. Shot on a beach over a course of a day, this photo series is inspired by natural beauty and brand’s purposeful message, and is already one of our favorite creative photo sessions! We hope that you enjoy the results!