Maternity photo taken in studio
12 Feb 2024

A Contemporary Twist to Maternity Photography



When discussing maternity photography styles, Kissed by Light Studio takes pride in offering a diverse range that beautifully captures the unique essence of each expecting mother. Step away from the classic and embrace the contemporary with our latest maternity photoshoot, where we explored a vibrant, colorful, and elegant approach to showcasing the beauty of pregnancy.

The radiant Miss S became our muse, providing the perfect canvas for a maternity session that breaks away from tradition. Led by our maternity photographer and creative director, Lora, the session showcased a departure from the classic, embracing a style characterized by bright colors like teal and pink, adding a touch of sophistication with strategically placed flowers. We’re thrilled to present a collection of timeless, magazine-styled maternity photos that we are proud to share.

In this collection, we unveil contemporary and elegant maternity photos that resonates with her personal style. The use of vibrant colors creates a lively atmosphere, reflecting the joy and anticipation of the precious journey into motherhood.

Captured in all her beauty, Miss S radiates a glow that transcends the ordinary. Lora, with her keen eye for detail, brings out the simplicity of the photoshoot, focusing on the raw and genuine emotions that define this special chapter in a woman’s life.

If you find yourself drawn to the idea of a maternity session that is both modern and timeless, our studio is ready to bring your vision to life. Explore more of our contemporary maternity images on our INSTAGRAM, and don’t hesitate to CONTACT US for additional information about our maternity packages.

We believe in celebrating the individuality of each mother-to-be. Let us craft a visual narrative that speaks to your style and essence. Book your maternity photoshoot today and embark on a journey of capturing the beauty of this remarkable time in your life.

Celebrate the extraordinary. Celebrate life.

Maternity photo taken in studio Pregnant lady wearing pink for her maternity photoshoot Maternity poses on a chair Pregnant woman posing on a grey background


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