08 Oct 2021

Modern mother to be



We believe that every mother to be deserves beautiful maternity photos that capture this important moment in her life! Photos that show her beauty, character, mood, style, and, of course, are completely unique to her. Which is why our team is dedicated to tailoring our pregnancy sessions to every mother to be and her very own unique taste. Anything from new set up combinations to correct lighting may play a role in creating something special, while the outfits and tailored posing complete the session. The only thing left to plan for our mothers to be themselves are the main style and theme (or several) that they would like to incorporate into the session.

In the recent years, we have been creating more and more sessions in a more minimalist, contemporary style, featuring modern looks and beautiful artificial lighting. We had a great pleasure of creating one such modern look for our studio’s very own makeup artist Vika. With a contemporary yet classy style in mind, we created a special set up and lighting composition for her gorgeous bodysuit and necklace look. In an instant, it became one of our favorite classics – every photo looks elegant, timeless, and very modern.

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!


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