10 Mar 2022

Beautiful contrasts



A very special occasion, a maternity photo session is not something many of us get to do very often. Needless to say, it takes a certain kind of event (pregnancy for one) that we just dont get to celebrate that many time in our lives! So we truly understand just how special and important every maternity session is to our lovely muses. And we take it upon ourselves to ensure that this one of a kind event is very memorable and full of variety. We love to explore many different style variations and delve deeper into our muse’s inspirations. In our experience, there is quite nothing like a beautiful session that reflects our muse’s many different traits and tastes, with photos that are full of beautiful details. Particularly fun are the contrasts that we love to play with during these sessions: dramatic looks that contrast the more gentle, light ones, the sporty ones contrasting the classic, elegant ones. These different looks create a more complex, deeper story to every session, with photos that are full of spark!

Recently, we had a great pleasure of capturing a maternity session for lovely Miss L. She wanted to create photos based on a few different ideas and we were very excited to explore them fully! We started off with a romantic, rosy setup full of whimsy and natural light, after which we explored a sporty, contemporary look, and finished with two absolutely striking looks, each full of elegance and a pinch of classy drama (featuring two of our favorite white maternity gowns).

We are very happy with the final results and how the series come together into a beautiful and unique story, full of beautiful contrasts. We hope that you enjoy this little peak into Miss L’s beautiful photo session!




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