Bright beginnings

Apr 14, 2022Maternity

Bright beginnings



If there is one thing that we, as a photography team, love to capture the most, it would be love itself! It may sound like a broad topic (and an elusive one at that) to attempt to capture, but we insist it really is at the heart of our greatest inspirations! Be it self love, romantic love, mother’s love, family love, or love for one’s purpose and creativity, these are the sparks that make a capture truly magical. No photo is just a mere moment frozen in time – there is always a story, depth, and, if you look from the right angle, love to it. And, sometimes, we get the honour to see these stories develop and unfurl further as time progresses. We get to be there for stories of women who came to our studio for some boudoir photos and a confidence boost and have continued to come back as their lives progressed and evolved. The transformations that we see are sometimes nothing short of incredible – women of all ages becoming wives, mothers, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and artists. Who doesn’t adore these real life love and transformation stories?! We certainly do and aim to do them justice in capturing their magic in our photos.

We got one such opportunity when we had wonderful Miss M come to our studio to capture her maternity photos. She originally visited us to have some elegant photos done ahead of her wedding and it was wonderful to see her again and, this time, photograph the beginning of a new, wonderful chapter in her life! With her husband joining the session for several looks, this pregnancy photo series captured the magic of the new family’s love. Miss M had some great looks prepared for this session that were simple and effortlessly elegant, lending photos their intimate and natural atmosphere. While a combination of both airy and bold set ups, gave this session some beautiful diversity.

We are very excited to share a peak into Miss M’s amazing maternity series!

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