Sparkling beauty

Oct 28, 2022Maternity

Sparkling beauty


While there is no doubt that photographic art can have a lot of different forms, ideas, and interpretations, one thing is for certain – it’s greatest feat is the ability to capture beauty that lies beyond the surface. Revealing the emotions, depth, and that special spark behind our subjects is something that we strive to achieve during every photo session. We look to getting to know every one of our lovely muses and finding ways to portray what we find. And, of course, it is a process of collaboration as our muses bring their personality, style and vision to each session. While we absolutely love a good boudoir story or a portrait, there is always something very special about maternity photography! The subject may be the same, but there is certainly no one session that is alike when it comes to this genre. Every mother to be is so unique that we always have a myriad of ideas that we want to explore during these photoshoots in order to help reveal that individual spark in our photos.

Ms V. happens to be one such beautiful lady that has come to our studio for a new set of maternity photos. It was her third pregnancy and she wanted to capture a few lovely, modern photos to celebrate it. She has brought with her a gorgeous blazer and lingerie. For her additional look, she has decided to opt in for one of our signature maternity gowns. While working with Miss V, we got to discover her amazing and kind personality, so we wanted to make sure that our photos reflect it! We experimented with our poses and set ups, played around with studio and natural lighting, and, of course, made sure that the process itself was pleasant and easy to follow.

We think that the final photos really did capture a little bit of Miss V’s sparkling beauty! And she has allowed us to share a little peak into this wonderful session, which we are very excited to showcase below.

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