04 Aug 2022

Blossoming beginnings


In a creative profession such as ours, inspiration is often the driving force, one that makes our world go round and magic happen! It is what, combined with hard work and perseverance, creates breakthroughs and helps us capture our best photos yet! While there are plenty of inspirational sources out there, there is one that never ceases to amaze us – our dear muses! Every one of our lovely ladies has a spark that shines in the photos and inspires us to create new, unique work. We truly believe that we owe our studio’s success to our lovely clients, who not only support us but drive us to create new things, push boundaries, and explore different styles during each session. Over the years, we have created a preparation process that helps us pinpoint our muse’s vision and unveil it within our photos. We go over things like their preferred looks, inspirational photos, previous photo sessions (so we don’t repeat ideas), and overall style. Whether we are capturing boudoir, maternity, personal branding, or family photo session, opportunities for creative output and collaboration are endless, which is why no two sessions are ever the same!

Recently, we were thrilled to hold a second session for our wonderful muse Miss M! Initially, she has done a boudoir session at our studio (see it here – boudoir), and it was now time to create a maternity one! It was amazing to work with Miss M, and she has, yet again, inspired us to push boundaries and create something unique! As she was a dancer in the past, we wanted to embrace this side of her life and capture a lot of motion in her photos. Light textures, morning light, and some lovely blossoms made for perfect set ups, while Miss M’s elegant, dance like movements highlighted her beautiful physique, creating some truly captivating maternity photos! This session turned out incredibly beautiful, and we are very excited to share it with you!


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