07 Nov 2022

Celebrating milestones


We believe that, all in all, we are in the business of celebrating life! Our photo sessions celebrate milestones, femininity in all its shapes and forms, fitness, beauty, achievements, new families, and new beginnings. We are here to capture some of life’s most wonderful and fleeting moments, so that they may forever be preserved in their photographic time capsules. It is something that we believe to be quite important based on our own and our muses’ experiences and like to approach from many different angles. For one, there is the individuality of every one of our muses that we aim to bring out using different styling and posing techniques. Then we love to explore the story itself by revealing it in a series of specially tailored set ups. And last, but not least, we use a variety of different presentation methods to create beautiful printed products that may keep these moments accessible and preserved in time.

Oftentimes, these stories don’t end within one session and continue as we celebrate our muses’ next milestones. This is when we would often continue the storyline, paying an hommage to the past captures while creating something new and unique. And such sessions are always so very special for us, as we feel honored to be there for different stages of our muses’ lives.

We had a great pleasure of celebrating one such new milestone with our lovely returning muse Miss C. She first came to us to celebrate an anniversary of her wedding and capture her beautiful wedding dress in more detail. (See this photo session here – reminiscing her day). This time, we got to celebrate a new milestone as Miss C. and her husband were now expecting their first baby! It was a whole lot of fun to work together again and explore this incredible moment in depth. We created some classic, light and airy looks and contrasted them with a series of contemporary, artificial light set ups. This combination is quite reminiscent of her last session and yet was made to be entirely new and unique! And, this time, we even got to feature her wonderful husband in a few striking photos of them together.

We think this session turned out very beautifully, and are very excited to show you a little peak into it. And you can check out our Instagram for the latest behind the scenes.

Maternity photos of a lovely blonde mother to be in Toronto studio Professional maternity photography in Toronto studio Beautiful couple maternity photos against professional background in Toronto studio Beautiful mother to be photographed at Toronto maternity photography studio

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