14 Jul 2022

Reminiscing her day



There are a certain few events in our lives that mark the most important and magical milestones. They may be different to us all, be it a wedding, first children, first business, turning a certain age, finding self-love, or achieving important goals, but they all deserve to be remembered, celebrated, and preserved. And it is with celebration in mind, that we like to approach them at our studio, from bridal boudoir and maternity photos to business portraits, every occasion is captured to mark the important date. A kind of celebration where you are made the star, the “main character”, and your creative vision is followed and executed. Where you get to sit in the director’s chair, have your makeup done, hair curled into your favorite style, and looks styled by our team. It is where we encourage creativity and allow imagination run wild. In short, it is where we always hope to create an environment of celebration and beauty. And, together, we capture some lovely photos, ones you may feel proud to display, share with your loved ones, and keep for years to come.

Recently, we had a wonderful pleasure of creating some lovely photos for Miss C. She was looking to recapture the magic of her wedding in a series of celebratory photos with her dress. We greatly enjoyed creating this new take, recreating her wedding look in a relaxed and specially designed environent, where we could truly concentrate on her look and capture photos worthy of it. And creating these beautiful set ups was a lot of fun on its own! This is where we could get creative, play with textures, and create an environment where her wedding dress truly shines. We think that the goal was beautifully achieved, if we may say so ourselves, and we are very excited to show you the results!

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