The bridal season is always an exciting time for us! With each year, a gift of a bridal boudoir photoshoot is becoming a more and more popular Wedding Day present. Just read a Happy Husband’s Review to get an idea of His reaction to such a unique gift!

There are many options for bridal lingerie and bridal boudoir outfits out there, however, we believe that a boudoir photoshoot (bridal or not) has to reflect You and Your personality in order to make it a truly unique gift to Him and to yourself.

We are absolutely fascinated with this recently photographed gorgeous bridal themed boudoir photo session! Miss B’s killer curves and amazing flexibility (Miss B is a professional yoga instructor!) has left us speechless. Miss B brought a mix of Victoria’s Secret lingerie pieces including soft bridal pastels as well as darker lace, which helped to set the edgy and sexy mood for the photo session. We have used our photo studio’s beautiful natural light for the entire shoot, creating photographs that have captured the more sophisticated bridal, as well as more casual, girl next door tone for this photo session, a tone that worked great with Miss B’s beautiful tattoos and reflected reflect her personality.

Enjoy our selection!

As photographers and artists we often look around ourselves in search of beauty and elegance. This time we found it where we spend most of our days – at our workplace, right in our beautiful photography studio. We are very proud to share with you the results of an artistic boudoir photoshoot with Kissed by Light Photo studio’s founder, gorgeous Lora Vertue. She is a powerful creative force behind our studio’s vision, philosophy and style, and to have her finally in front of the camera was both a professional challenge and honour. Being a modern woman, Lora was no stranger to personal body image issues that affect many women in our society. Giving birth to three adorable children was a rewarding experience for her, but it did cause her to approach her body more self-consciously. Harsh diets, vigorous exercise and weight issues have followed, her confidence dropped, but she found her peace and balance in a regular Yoga practice, heathy lifestyle and vegetarian diet. As a way to celebrate this milestone in her life, we did what we do best – an artistic boudoir photoshoot. This time however, Lora was the one in front of the camera. Dressed in exclusive outfits created by our stylist, Ameri, Lora brought elements of Yoga and contemporary dance into the photoshoot, creating a very unique and artistic look to express her emotional world. This photoshoot, just like many other boudoir photo sessions we did in our photo studio, helped our model to boost her confidence, to celebrate her womanhood, to appreciate and accept her body here and now. Sometimes all we need to be happy is a visual reminder of how beautiful we really are, inside and out.

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Our clients often wonder what would be their partner’s reaction to their gift of boudoir photographs. Will he be surprised, will his jaw drop, will he laugh and, most importantly, will he remember it when years pass? Whether you give him a luxury album filled with spreads of beautiful images, digital images on a USB or a fine art print, it is always a very special and anticipated moment when he first sees the gift. Over the years, we’ve often heard our client’s feedback about how incredibly excited their partners were and how special they felt treated to such a unique and personal gift.

We are very happy to share with you this beautifully touching review written by the Happy Husband himself:

I must be the luckiest guy out there/this album literally changed my life.

My wife, whom I just married last weekend, decided to give me an album as a surprise, the morning of our wedding. I opened it the second I woke-up, and was in shock the moment I turned the page. Trust that I when I say shock, I mean that I was left speechless at how stunning, seductive & drop-dead gorgeous my wife looked in the photos. I mean, she is such a beautiful girl anyway, but these photos just took her to the next level and I just need to applause you.

I wasn’t nervous waking up, but as soon as I saw the pictures I started feeling anxious/nervous because she just looked so incredibly beautiful and I thought to myself “your telling me I get to marry this person??” I wish I had a camera on my face the moment I opened the album because I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped to the floor in seconds and my eyes grew to their maximum size without bursting out of my face.

I haven’t stopped thinking about this album since – it just makes me so happy. The pictures are so amazing. My wife looks so incredible. I just don’t know what else to say.

Daria made my wife feel super comfortable and was able to get the best out of my wife, using her expertise. It was clearly a team effort and something I just need to applause. I Highly suggest doing this sort of photo shoot for any new bride to give to her partner.

This is something I’ll actually cherish forever, and will hopefully look at everyday before I go to bed.

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We were so happy to work with this lovely family again! We did a beautiful photosession with them in our photo studio about 2 years ago, which was before their youngest son was born. They now live in Europe and while visiting Toronto this year, they came by the studio for another photoshoot and this time with their son as well. We love how affectionate the photographs turned out, reflecting love and warmth this beautiful family shares.

Happy Family Day!

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In this light and flirty photo session in our studio we used a tutu from our studio wardrobe to add an elegant dance feel to the session. A black bodysuit form our studio wardrobe complimented our petite model’s forms and added a more classic twist, while another favourite from our collection, an off white lace bodysuit, gave a warmer, vintage feel to the photographs and worked great in combination with a tutu. Another beautiful outfit, a cute teddy in gentle pink pastel, became one of our muse’s favourite looks! Thank you for being our muse Miss C!

Enjoy our selection!


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