21 Nov 2018

Secret meanings


“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”   – Ansel Adams

We, at Kissed By Light Studio, are fascinated with the intricate world of science and art that lies within the heart of photography. The practices behind the best angles, lighting, set ups, and color balance are each a vast domain of their own, and we are so very eager to explore every one of them. Each detail about photographs is not only unique, but a work of art on its own, as it taps into emotions, creating a memory, and often, even an impact on its viewers. And while our team likes to ensure that every step of our photography session is thought through, with each and every detail carefully arranged, it is none other than the subject of our photos that portrays some of the most important details.

We are proud to present one of our latest photo sessions! Our beautiful muse Miss S. has come to us to create a special birthday gift for her husband. The stunning results have wowed us, while her beautiful Ice Cubes have made for a memorable present. (Learn more about our Ice Cubes here – ICE CUBES) Miss S. not only filled the boudoir photos with her grace and warmth but also has picked out some of the most crucial details that portray her beautiful personality and delicate nature. And there are meanings behind some of her choices that create the feel for the photo session. Among some of the many details, the colour purple, which her lingerie sets sport, not only emphasizes the blue of her eyes, but also has long symbolized luxury, mystery, and creativity. Her open and relaxed posture portrays confidence, while the blue colour of her shirt symbolizes confidence and loyalty.

See how these details shape the feel and character of this boudoir photo session for yourself!


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