01 Nov 2018

Timeless elegance


The set up – check!

The background – in place!

Make up – flawless…

Hair – a whirl of sensuous beauty…


And we begin!

As Miss M. stepped out and took the centre stage against the flowing background of silk, in the beautiful, natural light, she has transformed into a heroine, a lovely, confident seductress that captivates her audience. And step-by-step, both the photographer and the muse have found their workflow, creating a series of wonderful shots reminiscent of classic, timeless elegance of Hollywood icons.

Transformation starts in little details, and it is in little details that the inner character often comes out. From vivid silks, to lacy corsets, Miss M.’s looks are classy with a note of effortless seduction. Her fluid movements and poses spoke of elegance and commanded her stage, making each photo irresistible.


“The only real elegance is in the mind; if you’ve got that, the rest really comes from it”

– Diana Vreelend


It’s fascinating how much sensuality and beauty is behind women we meet, we know, and we aspire to be. We think there is no better luck than to come across something that truly inspires you, and in that sense, we may be the luckiest team, for our clients truly become our muses, giving us inspiration every day! Our collaboration with Miss M. has created yet another series of photos we are proud to put the Kissed By Light logo on.



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