04 Sep 2018

A Gift for Him on Her Wedding Day

“I look at you and I’m home” – The words inscribed in gold by our beautiful muse Miss C in one of our gorgeous luxury boudoir albums.

When Miss C finally decided to tie the knot with her partner, she came to our professional boudoir studio looking to bring her clever bridal gift idea to life. A flirty and sensual gift for her beloved fiancé on the day of their wedding: a luxurious folio box filled with the most seductive prints from her boudoir photoshoot with us. She took to her photosession with the elegance and poise of a ballerina! A goddess in her delicate lace lingerie, her charm and playfulness shone through and we were all able to share a great connection.
We were so pleased to capture those blissful moments of anticipation and delight leading up to her wedding, and are so grateful that she chose to share this joyful life event with us!
Thank you Miss C for allowing us to share the touching moment when her fiancé opened his carefully packaged Kissed By Light folio box.

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