11 Aug 2020

  Once in a while, we like to look to the past for inspiration – afterall, they say that fashion is cyclical and so are the photography trends. In these pleasant recollections, we get to see how far along we came and get reminded of the little things that we used to love but simply […]

16 Jul 2020

    Many a time, finding a birthday gift is a complicated affair, especially when it is for that special someone in our life. Afterall, even if great poets sometimes had hard time putting love into words, how do we put it into a gift, year after year? If there is one thing that we […]

10 Jun 2020

  So, after giving it some thought, listing a few pros and cons, and looking through several portfolios you have decided to take that leap and get your very own boudoir session! But, what happens next? The stream of doubts and “what if” questions are bound to poke their head in before you book… “What […]

19 May 2020

    Of course, in light of recent weeks, there is a lot on our minds… But even the recent adversity can’t stop us from getting excited for the warm months ahead! It is just the time to revisit old plans, find new inspirations, and greet this summer with a new outlook! And what better […]

21 Apr 2020

  Every now and then, our team takes on some new creative challenges and holds a special photo session to test them. Meant to expand the studio’s vision, creative direction, set ups, and everything in between, these sessions enable us to introduce fresh ideas to our portfolio. From new lighting set ups to creative styling […]

16 Apr 2020

  Today, there are so many wonderful ways for women to celebrate and pamper themselves: be it a simple manicure, a quality time with your favorite pastry (an evening with a box of macarons is a must on our weekly calendar), or a special trip to your favorite place on earth, the opportunities are endless. […]

02 Apr 2020

  We find that there are few things as inspiring and motivational as a woman who writes her own story and lives by her own rules! Unapologetic, strong, confident, and in charge of her own life – these are the traits many of us aspire to attain, yet they may not always come easy. As […]

25 Feb 2020

  This year, Valentine’s day was gone so soon, and now we feel it is a shame that the day meant to celebrate love comes only once a year! The traditions surrounding its celebrations are all in all wonderful: from gifting each other flowers to spending a little extra time with your special someone, or […]

12 Feb 2020

  Inspired by the Valentine’s Day festivities, this season, we would like to offer a complimentary additional look with any of our Kissed By Light Boudoir packages! Featuring red rose petals and a beautiful set up, this look makes for an amazing addition to any photo session! Available for a limited time only, you may […]

11 Feb 2020

  In the world of boudoir and, frankly, any photography, one may wonder ahead of their shoot: “Would it look too risque if I show my sensuality and wear revealing looks?” As perhaps with any daring idea, the edge between ostentatious and classic is a fine one to walk. It relies heavily on execution and […]

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