10 Jul 2018

Another New Addition to Our Kissed By Light Family

The promise of new life is thriving at our studio!

Our second new mother this spring from the Kissed by Light team is the indispensable Veronika. As our beloved studio manager her diligence, care, and attention to detail are the glue that holds us together and the cogs which turn to keep our creativity flowing. A beautiful person, great friend, and a valuable member of our team, we can’t imagine getting by without Veronika. Even as we send out our wishes that she luxuriates in the wonder of new motherhood, we still can’t help eagerly awaiting her return.

It was our honour to capture and share the beauty, tenderness and excitement of these wonderful yet fleeting moments between two expectant parents awaiting the birth of thier child.

Thank you Veronika for all of your hard work, and wishing you all the love and happiness in this exciting new journey for your family.

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