Snow angel

Nov 24, 2022Boudoir & Lingerie

Snow angel


At Kissed By Light, we love to go big in understated ways! No setup is left without careful thought and planning, and no one look is created the same. Our studio is not a very large space by no means, but it is full of wonderful settings that we play with during every session. And just as we love to make every photoshoot extra unique, we like to recommend our muses embrace their creative side, enabling them to fulfill even their boldest ideas. Have always wanted to try on pin-up fashion? Go for it! (And here is an example of one such session). Love cosplay and fantasy looks? A boudoir session is perfect for that! (See our past fantasy session). Or perhaps you would like to add a few popular culture looks to your classic boudoir ones? There is no better place than a fully customizable studio space! All in all, we always make sure to leave some room for even the biggest of ideas, creating photo sessions that have both classic elements and more fun, creative ones as well.

Needless to say, when it is not your first boudoir photo session, you will likely be even more tempted to try on something extra special for your shoot! Such was the case when we got a chance to work with our wonderful returning muse Miss N! This year, she came back for a session that was particularly important for it was to become an anniversary gift for her husband! Over the years, Miss N. and our team have experimented with some amazing boudoir ideas and unique concepts, and, this time, we were set on creating something extra special and grand! She came up with the fun idea of wearing gorgeous angel wings for one of her looks! And she brought a beautiful, sparkling body to match them! We completed this look with a pair of white stockings and pumps for that extra VS angels’ feel.

For the setups, our team has put together a series of understated yet vibrant backgrounds that would bring out the colors and textures of this look. We used one of our silver satin fabrics and a contemporary black background for this look and played with both artificial and natural light to emphasize the look’s sparkling personality.

We are absolutely in love with how this gorgeous look has turned out! We think Miss N. truly shines in it and was born to wear angel wings!

We hope that you enjoy this photo series! And you may see the rest of Miss N’s anniversary shoot here – One of a kind anniversary surprise

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