17 Jun 2021

Pin Up!


What might be boudoir photography’s most famous incarnation, pin up photography is an all around fun and glamorous genre! The term itself originates from the 1940’s, when photographs featuring glamourous models were printed in magazines and posters for informal display or to be “pinned up” on a wall. Full of history and cultural significance, today, this genre lives on in the hearts of many women who like to embrace a glamorous pin up model within themselves. And we can wholeheartedly understand the fascination – feathers, pearls, intricate lace, excquisite curls… How can we not fall in love with this style?! In fact, you will notice that many of our modern boudoir looks still often pay an homage to their pin up past as the feathers, pearls and perfect curls find their way into many of our photo sets.

So when we had a chance to work with the talented and stunning burlesque dancer Maddie on our very own pin up photo shoot, we couldn’t be more excited! The shoot was a real whirlwind of glamorous set ups, lingerie, accessories, and vintage outfits. Maddie looked absolutely stunning in her perfect burlesque look and we had lots of fun experimenting with some of our favorite set ups and burlesque posing. The results are absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t be more honoured to present this magical collaboration to you!

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