14 Aug 2019

Fairy-tale romance


“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Fairy-tale – a word that can stand for a lot of different things. A flight of imagination, a message, a form of art, an ideal, a dream, and possibly one of the most fun themes for a photo shoot! Of the many forms of art, photography is one that certainly lets imagination take flight and make it truly realistic. A collaboration of different ideas, a photo shoot can comprise of many different aspects, each contributing to the final effect, such as costumes, accessories, lighting, set ups, angles, and even the way flowers are laid out, giving all the more opportunities for self expression.

Led by her incredible creativity, our returning muse Ms. A has transformed our studio into a magical world yet again! For many years now, we have the pleasure of working with Ms. A on her incredible vision, and this year, she came to the studio with a goal of creating a couples boudoir! She has thought of every little detail – from incredible dresses and jewelry, to bespoke fantasy pieces such as crowns, that filled her photos with magic, and, needless to say, have inspired us tremendously! And today, we are very thrilled to show you a peak into this incredible session, hoping that it may inspire you as much as it inspired us

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