12 Jun 2017

It was so lovely to photograph our gorgeous muse, Miss S, to create a series of romantic boudoir photographs to give as a gift to her husband-to-be on their Wedding day. Miss S was looking for a soft, airy and elegant images with a bohemian flare to reflect her personality and style. She brought delicate […]

02 May 2017

Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered. Yasmin Mogahed There is no doubt that women are complex creatures. Being a woman embodies many characters at the same time – she can be both gentle and strong, powerful and vulnerable, feminine and masculine. In this creative boudoir photoshoot, our stunningly beautiful […]

19 Apr 2017

The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. Walt Disney We are all unique and beautiful in our own way, and expressing our individuality and creativity is very important, moreover, it is natural! Our gorgeous blue eyed muse brought very feminine and delicate outfits for her photoshoot. […]

10 Apr 2017

We’ve met Miss L in our studio almost two years ago and did a beautiful boudoir photo session with her (Spring boudoir). Two years later we were delighted to see her back in our studio – she was about to get married and wanted to surprise her husband-to-be with an album of bridal boudoir photographs […]

18 Nov 2016

A perfect Wedding is a day many girls dream of and wish to make it one of the most beautiful and happiest moments to be remembered and cherished. But when we think about weddings, we don’t think how stressful and exhausting wedding planning can get, when organizing this important day becomes a full time job […]

13 Oct 2016

We were thrilled to do a bridal boudoir photoshoot in our studio for a distinguished blogger ( and vegan lifestyle advocate, Elizabeth. Besides being an active promoter of veganism, our beautiful muse is also a professional dancer. During the photoshoot, she brought dance elements into the session, helping us to achieve dynamic and airy images […]

01 Jul 2014

We love giving gifts, so here is a very special one! Are you a lucky Bride-to-be or know someone who is getting married? This beautiful gift is for those in love and about to tie the knot. This offer is valid until the end of Summer 2014 in conjunction with our Summer Promo packages.

18 Jun 2014

Warm, airy and gentle, like mid Summer morning, this Bridal Boudoir photo session with our beautiful muse Miss K was done in soft and natural pastel shades, as well as timeless black & white tones. In our photo studio we wrapped this gorgeous bride-to-be in clouds of tulle fabric, vintagy lace of bridal lingerie and […]

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