Confidence Breeds Beauty

Dec 19, 2017Boudoir & Lingerie, Bridal Boudoir

Confidence Breeds Beauty

The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do.

A professional boudoir photoshoot is definitely one of those experiences that is completely out of our comfort zone. Trying to relax and feel comfortable in front of a professional camera while wearing the most intimate lingerie pieces in the unfamiliar environment and surrounded by women you’ve never met before is definitely a great challenge! Life shows, however, that those exact things that challenge us the most, are the ones that boost our confidence, help us grow and become stronger. As photographers, we do our best to make even our shyest muses feel at ease in the studio setting and one of the biggest joys we experience is seeing our muses open up and being themselves, overcoming their fears and getting out of their comfort zone.

We were stunned by the beauty of our latest muse, Miss T, who came to celebrate herself to our photography studio with a boudoir photoshoot. Shy at first, she gradually gained more and more confidence. Her gorgeous outfits made her look like a princess and the images reflected her immense beauty, sexy confidence and a bold attitude towards life.

Enjoy our selection!