Pre-wedding magic

Apr 8, 2022Boudoir & Lingerie, Bridal Boudoir

Pre-wedding magic



There is no doubt – days leading up to that important “I do” can be quite hectic! And it’s no wonder! Afterall, the bride to be suddenly has to navigate the world of wedding planning that has blown up over the years. All the tasting cakes, flowers, fittings, and relatives can make one’s head spin! Which is why, taking time to nurture yourself and the romance that, in the end, the whole thing is all about is crucial. Taking a pause and seeing the magic behind the relationship, feeling the excitement that comes with the momentous occasion, and finding ways to treat your special someone can be all the bride to be needs at this stage. And it is with this thought in mind that we like to approach our bridal boudoir photo sessions! For one, they are designed to be versatile – it is a day of pampering, a wonderful confidence boost, and also a special gift for the groom on the wedding day (that makes the days leading up to the wedding all the more fun – just imagining the look on his face when he sees the photos is priceless). This photo session also becomes a day that the bride to be can have all to herself! Afterall, given that it is often a secret, and there need not be any friends or relatives to share their opinions and give suggestions, it can be just you, your ideas and creativity!

Recently, we got to create one such exciting session for a lovely bride to be Miss C! This gorgeous lady had some very romantic looks in mind for her photo session and, together, we designed a session that is delightfully beautiful! Lace, tulle, flowers, crystal chandellier – everything has set the scene for an almost magical boudoir series. Miss C’s beautiful looks reflected classic bridal beauty while a few of our accessorie and a veil completed the set wonderfully!

We are very excited to share a peak into Miss C’s beautiful photo series with you!

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