16 Apr 2020

  Today, there are so many wonderful ways for women to celebrate and pamper themselves: be it a simple manicure, a quality time with your favorite pastry (an evening with a box of macarons is a must on our weekly calendar), or a special trip to your favorite place on earth, the opportunities are endless. […]

27 Mar 2019

Let’s get to the bottom of things, shall we? Just what is boudoir and how does one serve it? The french word boudoir stands for a lady’s private bedchamber. And in a rather humorous twist, its literal meaning is, in fact, “pouting room,” from bouder, “to pout” or “to sulk.” We, at Kissed By Light, decided […]

20 Mar 2019

Alright, maybe it’s not here yet… But we can already feel the changes in the air! It’s that time when everything seems to breathe anew and we can’t help but want to innovate, spending more time on all those little things we didn’t have time for in the winter months. And perhaps with these extra […]

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