Getting festive!

Dec 24, 2022Uncategorized

Getting festive!


It is that time of the year again, and we are very excited about everything that Holidays bring with them: getting together with family and friends, gifts, holiday food, festive decorations, and sparkly displays. And there is really nothing quite like watching the transformation the entire city makes as everyone rushes to bring their take on the holidays! This general sense of merriment in the air is really hard to resist, and we decided not to. So we got together with our team for a special, festively themed photo session at the studio!

The session in question was, of course, boudoir! It may not feel like the most obvious choice for Holidays but, from our experience, boudoir makes for the most unique and fun gift to your special someone during this time, and completely outshines all of the typical stocking stuffings! In fact, it becomes a welcome change to the usual holiday gift routine and is very popular with our muses! Every year, we book a multitude of holiday boudoir sessions during the two months leading up to the holidays and create some lovely albums, folios, and mini books for our muses to gift to their special someone (including themselves, of course!).

But we haven’t quite tried a fully festive take on our boudoir photo sessions yet – we would usually do a winter-themed boudoir or classic boudoir for the Christmas gifts but nothing truly Holiday themed. So, this year, we decided to take the opportunity and create a very merry boudoir set up, decked with wrapped gifts, lovely lights, and some striking green lingerie, of course! Our beautiful muse Katrina had her makeup done by our talented resident makeup artist Angelina, who opted for red lips paired with sultry eyes, creating a bright and celebratory look! While our director Lora and photographer Cristina styled the set and put the classic, Victorian-style chaise lounge along with festively wrapped gifts to create a perfect little Holiday scene. We think that the end result turned out really quite fun and lovely, proving, yet again, that boudoir and festive go well together!

We hope that you enjoy this special photo series and feel inspired to add a little boudoir to your holiday cheer this year!

Follow this link to see the behind the scenes footage from the photo session – bts video. And reach out to us if you have any questions – contact.