03 Jun 2021

    In the recent years, more and more people are becoming acutely aware of the importance of a good first impression. According to the latest research, it can take just a few milliseconds to form an impression that lasts for months afterwards, even if it wasn’t initially correct or was made off a simply […]

23 Oct 2019

It is undoubtedly exciting seeing wonderful talents and familiar faces get their big break and star in marvelous new productions! As film industry is becoming more and more open to new talents, we have been noticing some wonderful new ideas and projects brought to life. One such project, or rather a film script, got brought […]

28 Jul 2017

We love capturing our muses’s personalities and beauty with professional portraits in our studio. Our muse, Miss L, brought glamourous dresses to our studio, which we captured in a classic and feminine photography style. Enjoy our selection!

13 Apr 2014

While creating an actor portfolio for a beautiful professional actress, Jessica Matten, we had lots of fun blending and experimenting with different photography styles to reflect a wide range of her characters: from a rebellious tomboy, to femme fatale, to a girl next door. While we took all photographs in one go in our photo studio, […]

27 Mar 2014

We were very excited to have a chance to work with a talented aspiring singer, Neetu Dhanju. A beautiful girl with a voice of star, she was amazing to work with and was very comfortable in our photo studio, helping us to create many beautiful photographs reflecting her sweet personality and musical style. We wish Neetu […]

28 Feb 2014

We are very happy to add professional Actor Headshots photography service to our menu! For professional actors, a good headshots portfolio reflecting the versatility of their physical appearance, skills, personality and character is vital to get casting calls. We have been contemplating to introduce professional Actor Headshots photo service for quite a while, as so […]

18 Jan 2014

Sensuous, fragile, innocent and gracious, the results of our latest spontaneous studio creative were spectacular! Thank you for being our muse and inspiration, Miss M!

10 Jun 2013

Beauty is variable, so is sensuality and the definition of ‘sexy’. In this creative photo shoot with a star supermodel Jessica Lewis we took a different approach to sexy boudoir photos and instead of using female garments we chose strictly male wardrobe (with small exceptions of course). What turned out is an edgy and daring […]

Kissed by Light