23 Oct 2019

Northern Hollywood

It is undoubtedly exciting seeing wonderful talents and familiar faces get their big break and star in marvelous new productions! As film industry is becoming more and more open to new talents, we have been noticing some wonderful new ideas and projects brought to life.

One such project, or rather a film script, got brought to life thanks to perseverance and dedication of its two lovely writers, Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese, whose idea has gone to big screen in the film “Tiger” starring Mikey Rourke and one of the writers, Prem Singh. A deeply compelling and true story of one man’s journey to justice and acceptance, we believe that the film is definitely one to save for future viewing!

We met Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese when our studio had the honor of photographing the two writers’ photos for the media release of their movie! Our team had a wonderful time working with the young men and we are very thrilled for the success of their film!

We hope that you enjoy the photos we have prepared for your viewing!

To learn more about the film, follow this link –

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