27 Apr 2021

Boudoir story



We truly believe that photos can and should speak a thousand words, especially when it comes to something so intimate as boudoir! With each and every session, we look to place something special and unique into the composition to reflect our muse’s individuality, interests, and even a hidden alter ego! Besides, what better time to release your self expression than your very own photo session?! Which is why we always recommend to throw shyness away and have fun when putting together your vision for the session! Have that one Chinese fan that you never get to use but you absolutely adore? Bring it along for your session! (See an example here) Or maybe you’ve always wanted to feel like a real queen and don a beautiful crown? Bring one with you! (See an example here) Perhaps you are an avid clothing designer? Incorporating various elements of your passion into a session would be wonderful! (See an example here) These little details add depth to your very own boudoir story, making every photo speak for itself.

For one of our last pre-Covid sessions, we wanted to do something whimsical, gentle, and even poetic! Diffused light, beautiful fabrics, nude tones, and a feather, all contributed to this lovely boudoir story, giving it a beautiful character of its own. While special posing added a romantic feel to the artistic nude looks, making them uniquely playful!  We hope that you enjoy viewing this photo series as much as we enjoyed creating it!


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