When East meets West

Jul 6, 2017Boudoir & Lingerie

When East meets West

In our day and time, a quest to find nations that remained intact and non-mixed – untouched by wars, invasions and changing borders of previous ages, is most likely doomed. Our perceptions of race and culture have long shifted, paving the way to appreciation of the unique mix of different cultures that defines today’s society.

Miss L came to us with a special request – to capture the contrast and uniqueness of her origins. Carrying in her genes both Eastern and Western descent, Miss L has a mix of Eastern European, Asian and Western backgrounds. As per Miss L, “It depends on how you look at the person, sometimes the clothes and make-up, or a change in hair color can help you look at that same person from a new perspective, to see something you haven’t seen in them before, looks can completely alter your perception”. Miss L wanted to capture two looks – one with a more “Asian” mood and the other wearing delicate lingerie, just the purity of her own self as a sensual platinum blonde beauty.

Enjoy our selection!

Photography by Lora Vertue @Kissed by Light Studio
Muse Lucy Literna
Make-up & hair by Kathy Lau