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The charm of maternity


Over the years of work and practice, one may find that any camera has a magical ability to take on different qualities. In the hands of some, its lense may reveal what is hidden. Be it the way the light falls and changes in ways unseen by the naked eye or captures the moment of fast motion. In the hands of others, it may tell a story – the right angle and position may completely transform what seems at first a simple scene into a photo that is full of feelings and even secrets. At Kissed By Light studio, photography lense delicately amplifies emotions and significance of the moments in lives of the people it captures. What was originally an intimate moment of confidence, love or happiness, with the help of a camera becomes a capture that shares its feelings proudly and vividly. A kind of capture that reveals the beauty of an individual personality and magic of the moment it was taken. This quality becomes all the more apparent when we photograph women’s pregnancy – the tenderness and beauty of emotions during this period are revealed and amplified in a very special way.

Our maternity session with beautiful Miss M has produced some incredibly delicate and captivating photos. She came to our studio to capture this special moment in her life after being referred to us by a friend. Together, we created a unique creative direction for her session and brought her ideas to life. Her kind and warm personality radiates in every shot, making each capture very special and memorable. This session proves to us, yet again, how powerfully beautiful can photos be!

We are back!


It has been more than three months since we last opened our studio for a photo session and we can sincerely admit – it felt like ages! This is why we are incredibly happy and thankful to announce our reopening this week! It was a challenging and transformative period that has taught us a great deal and propelled to grow. But we couldn’t have done it without your support and understanding, so we want to thank all of our lovely muses and readers for staying with us on this journey! We have a lot in store for you this year and we couldn’t be more excited to share more beautiful, transformative, and inspiring moments with you! We missed you and can’t wait to have you back at the studio with us!

And, of course, we continue to work not only on the artistic aspect of each and every one of our sessions, but also one of safety too. Our studio will be entering this new phase with caution and great attention to detail. Our safety protocols include all of the latest guidelines, techniques, and equipment necessary to ensure a smooth and safe transition back to normal, so that we may continue to provide a joyfull, inspiring, liberating, and safe environment for all of our dear muses. (Email us to learn more about our safety protocols.)

And so, with new inspirations and safety in mind, we reopen our doors once more! We are looking forward to working with you and capturing Kissed By Light magic together!

Father’s day magic


Father’s Day is certainly one of the most special yearly celebrations and one that looks uniquely different in every family. A celebration of the man who first tought us to dream, to think big, and to persevere is bound to be unique and, of course, it goes far beyond a gift of a “world’s best dad” mug. So what do we gift such a special man in our life?! Aside from the mug (we probably already gave him one), special moments and experiences are probably our favorite type of gift. Afterall, it is time spent together that matters the most, and it is the time that is oh so fleeting as we grow up and get busy. And capturing these moments on camera goes without saying – trust us, if you have a camera or even a phone camera, make sure to grab it along on your next trip or day out with your father! Capturing this time together will make for a beautiful reminder and will preserve its magic for years to come. But, if in doubt or would like to commit to the photography idea fully, come to our studio for a special family session together.

Recently, we had a wonderful father and daughter session at the studio. Mr J and his beautiful little daughter M have instantly captured our hearts and the camera. Every capture just reminds us how important the time we spend with out fathers is, and makes us all the more excited for the father’s day to come this weekend!


What if?! Or how to stop worrying and embrace boudoir!


So, after giving it some thought, listing a few pros and cons, and looking through several portfolios you have decided to take that leap and get your very own boudoir session! But, what happens next? The stream of doubts and “what if” questions are bound to poke their head in before you book… “What if photos don’t turn out according to my vision?” “What if my poses look awkward and silly?” “What if it turns out looking vulgar?” “What if I don’t look in shape I would like to be in?” “What if I don’t achieve my fitness goal in time for the session?” “What if my imperfections become very visible in photos?” And many many more thoughts can surface, making it all the harder to make the decision. It is all perfectly understandable – boudoir can seem intimidating even for the bravest of women. Afterall, camera may seem to be a capricious creature – one day you look great in photos and, the other, it makes you look completely unphotogenic. This is why, we have learnt over the years that there is nothing more important than a team with a good vision and experience to make your photography dreams a reality, so that you may turn your worry into excitement and leave the technicalities to your photographer!  This is also why we take extra time and patience in finding only the best professionals to work in Kissed By Light Studio. They understand makeup, lighting, angles, and bring out your favourite features! And, for all the rest, we have a team of some of the best retouchers in the industry who can make any imperfection less obvious or go away altogether!

One of our gorgeous muses, Miss E, has embraced boudoir and, needless to say, completely blew us away! Her photos turned out to be effortlessly chic and irresistibly charming. With a few outfit changes and a series of our favorite set ups, together, we created something marvellous and timeless. We hope that you enjoy this session as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Sunkissed morning



Of course, in light of recent weeks, there is a lot on our minds… But even the recent adversity can’t stop us from getting excited for the warm months ahead! It is just the time to revisit old plans, find new inspirations, and greet this summer with a new outlook! And what better way to step forward than to celebrate some of our favorite moments from the past. In our case, it often involves rediscovering beautiful photo series done over the course of years of studio’s work. Some of our very first boudoir set ups, elegant bridal sessions, and glamorous creatives have fallen into the depths of our blog, so we decided to revisit some of our favorites, sharing them with you here once more!

We recently found this gorgeous boudoir session in our archive. Set in our previous photo studio location, it is effortlessly romantic, featuring our marvellous muse Miss L. It is one of those photo sessions, when the natural light was absolutely prefect – it lit up the set ups in the most beautiful way. We are very excited to share this photo series with you and hope that you enjoy looking back at it with us!

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