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Kissed By Light Mornings

It’s truly fascinating how a different time of day can completely transform the meaning behind the same places, clothes, people… You could walk down the same street in the early morning hours and at dusk, and see an entirely different scene each time. It is no wonder that many of the world’s best painters have often painted the same scenes in different times of day in order to better grasp the light’s magic! Of all the different types of light, Kissed By Light style is certainly dedicated to the gentle, clear mornings and bright, airy afternoons. This type of natural light tends to reveal a kind of clear, genuine, and honest beauty in every woman we had the pleasure of capturing in the past. And it is this very type of light that our studio owes its name to!

One of these mornings, we had a pleasure of working with the lovely and absolutely charming Miss M. She came to us to capture a boudoir series that reflect her personality and her passion for dancing! An avid dancer in the past, her poses reflected the years of experience behind her. Capturing some of our signature shots, including morning boudoir in bed, we worked exclusively with our signature natural light, to create this stunning photo series!

We are very excited to show you a little peak into Miss M’s incredible boudoir photos!

Joy of expectation


Mother’s love is perhaps one of the most beautiful and incredible things to be experienced in life! We get to see it first hand and it surely never ceases to amaze us. Undoubtedly one of our favorite photography subjects, maternity photography, definitely never gets dull, always teaching us something new with all its variety and warm, joyful outlook. And, of course, all mothers to be have a unique spark about them, a spark that becomes even stronger during this special time, and shines through every photo. We can argue that its all in the body language, or a special kind of smile, but in the end, what happens in front of the lens is nothing short of magic!

Marvelous Miss A has happened to be our muse recently, when she was expecting not one, but two bundles of joy – her pair of twins!! She came with her little daughter to create a series of maternity photographs for this special occasion. And we just can’t take our eyes away from the incredible photos that came to be! It is hard not to smile when you see such a lovely family! Every photo is radiating with warmth and love, set in timeless, classic environment.

We are very proud to present a peak into her photo series and hope that you enjoy viewing it!


Beautiful family portrait


Whether a special tradition or a long overdue occasion, getting together for a family portrait is always a marvelous idea! Over the years working in photography, we learnt that there is nothing quiet as important as preserving life’s most precious moments and taking the time to be with your loved ones. That is why we are dedicated to creating timeless portraits for mothers to be, couples, and families, that remind us of some of the most important connections in our life.

Our beautiful returning muse Miss J got an idea of getting her family together to capture their long overdue portrait. We were thrilled to take on the project and create artistic photographs that reflect each member’s unique personality. Driven by new inspiration, we created a series of classic set ups that are sure to remain stylish for years to come. And needless to say, we had incredible subjects to help us in the task – Miss J’s family is absolutely beautiful!

We are very excited to share this remarkable photo session with you and hope that it may inspire you to take more photos with your loved ones!




Northern Hollywood

It is undoubtedly exciting seeing wonderful talents and familiar faces get their big break and star in marvelous new productions! As film industry is becoming more and more open to new talents, we have been noticing some wonderful new ideas and projects brought to life.

One such project, or rather a film script, got brought to life thanks to perseverance and dedication of its two lovely writers, Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese, whose idea has gone to big screen in the film “Tiger” starring Mikey Rourke and one of the writers, Prem Singh. A deeply compelling and true story of one man’s journey to justice and acceptance, we believe that the film is definitely one to save for future viewing!

We met Prem Singh and Michael Pugliese when our studio had the honor of photographing the two writers’ photos for the media release of their movie! Our team had a wonderful time working with the young men and we are very thrilled for the success of their film!

We hope that you enjoy the photos we have prepared for your viewing!

To learn more about the film, follow this link –

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