The finale

May 8, 2019Boudoir & Lingerie, News & Events

The finale




Just earlier this year, we were very excited to announce a very special give away for St. Valentine’s day… Given that the day is all about love, we wanted to celebrate one lucky lady and create a beautiful photo session for her at Kissed By Light Studio. As the draw was approaching, we saw so many active participants and decided to create 2 additional prize spots!

And now we are very proud to present the beautiful results of our collaboration with the first two of our St.Valentine’s day Giveaway winners!

The first prize winner is a talented and lovely Ms. K. A gifted florist, she incorporated flowers into her photo session, and together, we created a moody, charming, and elegant set up. The photos turned out marvellously well, and in collaboration with our new videographer Alena (, we are proud to present the video featuring this gorgeous photo session!

Our second prize winner is lovely Ms. V. who had her photo session with our new associate photographer Celine, as part of her second prize!

Ms. V. is a very talented make up artist and had done her own make up for this photo session. We have fallen in love with her great personality and find that her photos portray it effortlessly… And need we say how beautiful this series turned out! Here are some of the photos from her photo session with us.

We hope that you enjoyed the results and stay tuned for our third winner!


Kissed By Light Team