Maternity photo taken in studio
12 Feb 2024

    When discussing maternity photography styles, Kissed by Light Studio takes pride in offering a diverse range that beautifully captures the unique essence of each expecting mother. Step away from the classic and embrace the contemporary with our latest maternity photoshoot, where we explored a vibrant, colorful, and elegant approach to showcasing the beauty […]

08 Dec 2023

    In the world of maternity photography, each session tells a unique story, capturing the beauty and essence of the expectant mother. At our photography studio in Toronto, we recently had the pleasure of working with the radiant Miss. N, whose grace and charm inspired us to create a series of simple, elegant, and […]

A mother and her baby.
24 Oct 2023

    In the world of photography, few subjects are as heartwarming and timeless as motherhood and family. At our studio, we’ve made it our mission to transform every session into an unforgettable experience, especially when little ones are involved. We understand the magic of capturing those tender moments between moms and their children, whether […]

Pregnant lady in fishnet bodysuit
15 Sep 2023

  Today, we’re excited to take you on another journey into the enchanting world of maternity photography, featuring our muse, the radiant Miss K. As some of you may recall, Miss K graced our blog before, where we showcased the romantic and ethereal side of her maternity session. Today, we invite you to join us […]

Nude pregnant lady posing for a maternity session in studio
01 Aug 2023

    At Kissed by Light Studio, we hold a profound belief that every expecting mother deserves to cherish the beauty of her pregnancy through captivating maternity photos. Each image should be a unique reflection of her character, mood, and style, highlighting the natural beauty of her body during this incredible journey. Today, we are […]

31 May 2023

    Capturing the ethereal beauty of pregnancy is a magical experience for both the expectant mother and the photographer. At Kissed by Light Studio, we believe in offering a variety of options when it comes to MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOTS, ensuring that every woman’s unique style and preferences are met with elegance and grace. One of […]

12 May 2023

    Happy Mother’s Day and at Kissed by Light Photography, we believe it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there. Whether you’re a mother with grown-up children, a first-time expectant mother, or someone who simply wants to honor the beauty of motherhood, this is the time to cherish the special […]

A mother with her son.
26 Apr 2023

    Motherhood is one of the most profound and beautiful experiences a woman can have. It is a journey filled with joy, love, and sacrifice. The bond between a mother and her child is a unique and special one that cannot be replicated. It is a bond that transcends time and space, and it […]

A black and white photo of a pregnant couple with backlight.
12 Apr 2023

  When an expecting couple comes to our studio for a maternity photo session, magic just happens and our creative team feels instantly inspired to create the most beautiful memories. The love for each other, the way they both cherish and protect the new life growing inside the mother’s womb, and the anticipation and excitement […]

A woman with a red dress with her son.
03 Apr 2023

  Motherhood is a truly magical journey that brings an abundance of love, tenderness, and joy. The moment a woman becomes a mother, her heart swells with an indescribable love that she never knew existed. From the first time she holds her child in her arms, she is forever changed. She learned to cherish every […]

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