May 31, 2023Maternity




Capturing the ethereal beauty of pregnancy is a magical experience for both the expectant mother and the photographer. At Kissed by Light Studio, we believe in offering a variety of options when it comes to MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOTS, ensuring that every woman’s unique style and preferences are met with elegance and grace.

One of our muses, the radiant and enchanting Miss V, graced our studio with her presence for a breathtaking maternity session. As we embarked on this journey together, we carefully crafted two different looks and set-ups for her pregnancy photos.

For one of her looks, we designed a simple yet elegant dress made from pink fabric. Bathed in natural light and surrounded by soft pastels, we captured candid moments filled with warmth and serenity.

The resulting images were a testament to the sheer beauty of motherhood, where every smile and tender touch told a story of love and connection.

In contrast, we went for a dramatic and eye-catching magazine style for her second look.

Against a plain dark grey background, we used artificial lighting to bring out the vibrancy of her blonde hair, classic red lips, and stylish Louboutin heels. Our stunning black dress added an extra touch of elegance to the session.

We understand that every woman has her preferred style. That’s why we provide the flexibility to personalize your experience and capture your unique essence. Whether you prefer the airy and candid feel of natural light, the captivating allure of artificial lighting, or why not have both? We are here to bring your vision to life and create breathtaking maternity images that celebrate this wonderful moment.

Join us on INSTAGRAM to explore our collection of stunning maternity photos and share with us your favorite look.

Together, we’ll create timeless images that forever encapsulate the joy, anticipation, and pure love of this extraordinary chapter in your life.