19 Feb 2013


Frequently when looking though fashion photos in magazines and online we are captivated by the power of the image, and we are quick to conclude that it’s the model who is responsible. However, while not to overlook the talent of the model, there is a team of people who make what we see possible.

The woman being photographed is inspired and transformed by her photographer, her makeup and hair, her styling and accessories, what (and how) she is wearing.  Model while walking in on shoot as one woman, with the magic of creative team turns her into a different one, a muse.

Kissed By Light photo is very happy to welcome aboard a talented stylist Nelly Tsyrlin whose styling services are a valuable add-on to our boudoir photography. Nelly is an experienced fashion stylist, a painter, a former model who’s strutted catwalks around the globe, who has keen artistic eye and a kind, wonderful soul. The creative director and primary photographer of Kissed By Light photo Lora Vertue and Nelly Tsyrlin have shared many years of warm friendship and artistic collaboration on photoshoots and work synergistically together.

By adding a key ingredient, accessory, or a prop Nelly can turn a good physical image into great, inspire our model and make a photographs be different, unforgettable and one-of-a kind. Please inquire with us about Nelly’s styling services for your photoshoot. To see examples of Nelly’s fashion styling see Lora’s fashion stories at www.loravertue.com

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