06 Dec 2018

Staff meeting



You might have wondered what does a team behind a professional photography studio do for fun… And you probably guessed it right – we certainly do get together and take photos! And lots and lots of new photos!

We do enjoy to brainstorm and practice on new angles, find new wardrobe pieces, and participate in a creative process together. And it is through this practice that the studio comes up with many new ideas for our day to day photo shoots. Celine and Sonia have joined our team not long ago and had a marvellous time with our creative director and founder Lora, who guided them and posed for the camera herself! This time, the photo session has taken on a look of a fashion editorial with portrait elements. And we have used studio lighting to add edge to the photos, creating a sharp but nevertheless delicate feel to the photographs.

See our photo session for yourself!

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