21 Jul 2022

Morning coffee



Whether you are a morning person or not, whether you need that coffee or three to start the day, we can all agree that beginning of the day is one of the most personal and intimate times of day. It is the time that we usually only share with those that are the closest to us or, sometimes, keep it entirely to ourselves. It sheds light on a new day and strips away all the unnecessary things of yesterday. There is quite nothing like a slow morning with loved ones, your special someone, or by yourself, and it is this feeling that we often like to recreate in our signature natural light sessions. Attaining authentic feelings and beauty is one of our key goals when approaching boudoir and fine art nude photography. It is this down to earth, simple, yet elegant style that creates some of the warmest and stunning captures and inspires us to experiment with the morning light. Sheer textures, white colors, clean lines, and simple set ups, everything goes into creating photos that reflect that morning warmth.

And we were very excited to expand on this theme with our lovely muse Miss K. Her session encompassed a great variety of styles, from seductress (see our previous blogpost for this part one of the series) to effortless morning beauty. We created our signature “in his shirt” look and an elegant nude, against some of our studio’s favorite set ups: a bed with simple white sheets and grey professional background.  Together, we think that we succeeded in capturing that feeling of a beautiful, intimate morning. And we think Miss K looks incredible in this style!

We are very excited to show you this photo series and hope that you enjoy!


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