Woman in boudoir lingerie at Kissed By Light Studio, Toronto
11 Jun 2022

Strike a pose


Arched back, relaxed gaze, a hair style that looks perfectly in place… Posing is one of boudoir’s most important aspects so it is no surprise that it can make anyone nervous ahead of the session! But the good news is that even though posing needs to be done by the model herself, every aspect of it is carefully thought through and guided by our team, so it is something that we tell all of our muses not worry about! Over the years, our director has come up with absolutely perfect bourdoir poses, each meant to highlight the figure, captivate, and make every photo special. They are first shown by our photographer and, then, our team gently guides you to perfect it (think like a Yoga class!). And no one muse is the same, so we always make sure to tailor the poses individually! Maybe you have wonderful curves you would like to show or legs you are proud of – poses are designed to highlight your strongest features. And, of course, we work with angles to ensure that the pose is captured just the right way. Needless to say, you are definitely going to feel slight soreness afterwards as if you have attended a yoga class! A long epsom salt bath is highly recommended…

Recently, we had a great pleasure of capturing a series of boudoir photos for lovely Miss K. A beauty from both within and out, she wanted to have some boudoir photos to celebrate herself and we were excited to capture some classic looks with her! We went with understated but beautiful makeup, highlighting her lips and creating a golden glow to go with her wonderful red hair. And we used our favorite, signature boudoir poses to show her lovely figure in the most dramatic light! She did an amazing job and we are very excited to show you the results of this wonderful photo session!


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