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My Little Angel

On December 16, 2011 I gave birth to my baby boy Ivan. He has a great personality and is beautiful! I decided to take time off and spend the first months of his life entirely with him. As this is my third child, it’s amazing how much easier the last maternity experiences are compared to the prior. Now I know better what to expect from the baby, as well as have a better connection with my own body. I enjoy yoga classes in the mornings, try to watch my diet and I overall I feel great.
Having said that, I do miss my photography and can’t wait until I get back to work!

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A Bird


Photography & style Lora Vertue / KISSED BY LIGHT studio
Model Brianna @ Elmer Olsen
MUA Victoria Lo
Hair DAT

These series belong to our talented Lora’s fashion portfolio, and her works are frequently published in online fashion magazines. Lora loves photographing and experimenting with high fashion and bringing the new ideas into her boudoir and portraiture work.

Couple Portraiture

Sometimes we get to shoot couple and family portraiture. These photos will become part of family heritage and will be enjoyed for many years and generations. Their value is priceless for the family, I believe, and me being the one capturing them is a very honorable role: I feel like I become part of this family’s heritage too therefore, and that becomes priceless to me.

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Kissed by Light