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With Love Lingerie

This summer we had a pleasure to work for lingerie designer Carrie Russell Bakker ( for their ‘With Love Lingerie’ collection. We shot two completely different stories, and here is one of them. I love classical lines of this collection and its soft pastel colours. The style of this collection resonates with that of KISSED BY LIGHT, it was a true pleasure to combine our photo artistry with that of fine lingerie.


It’s About LOVE

Our studio is very proud: three ladies got engaged  after presenting their boyfriends with imagery created by KISSED BY LIGHT (Now THAT’S the power of images!). But the most sweet story happened recently – Miko proposed to his longtime girlfriend during the couples photo shoot with us. Miko planned it ahead of time, and we were on board and played along. His girlfriend was absolutely surprised! It was so adorable and romantic, we cried a little.


Kissed by Light