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Sparkling beauty


While there is no doubt that photographic art can have a lot of different forms, ideas, and interpretations, one thing is for certain – it’s greatest feat is the ability to capture beauty that lies beyond the surface. Revealing the emotions, depth, and that special spark behind our subjects is something that we strive to achieve during every photo session. We look to getting to know every one of our lovely muses and finding ways to portray what we find. And, of course, it is a process of collaboration as our muses bring their personality, style and vision to each session. While we absolutely love a good boudoir story or a portrait, there is always something very special about maternity photography! The subject may be the same, but there is certainly no one session that is alike when it comes to this genre. Every mother to be is so unique that we always have a myriad of ideas that we want to explore during these photoshoots in order to help reveal that individual spark in our photos.

Ms V. happens to be one such beautiful lady that has come to our studio for a new set of maternity photos. It was her third pregnancy and she wanted to capture a few lovely, modern photos to celebrate it. She has brought with her a gorgeous blazer and lingerie. For her additional look, she has decided to opt in for one of our signature maternity gowns. While working with Miss V, we got to discover her amazing and kind personality, so we wanted to make sure that our photos reflect it! We experimented with our poses and set ups, played around with studio and natural lighting, and, of course, made sure that the process itself was pleasant and easy to follow.

We think that the final photos really did capture a little bit of Miss V’s sparkling beauty! And she has allowed us to share a little peak into this wonderful session, which we are very excited to showcase below.

For more maternity photos, visit our maternity blog page or our Instagram.


One of a kind anniversary surprise



When in life of a couple, we reach one of those rare few, incredibly valuable milestones, it is undoubtedly a debt that we owe to ourselves to celebrate it to the fullest! One such important milestone is, of course, the anniversary! It is the moment to truly reconnect, appreciate each other, and, perhaps, explore something new! Keeping things adventurous, interesting, and full of surprises is always absolutely worth it! And, from our and our muses’ experiences, we can attest that a surprise boudoir photo session for the partner tends to be a raging success! (We even have a few videos with partners’ reactions on our Instagram to attest to that). We absolutely adore working with our muses on their surprises and putting in extra details to make each session special. Sometimes, we create looks dedicated to that special someone’s interests (yes, boudoir looks great in a sports jersey too!) and play around with favorite lingerie types. And, of course, we always make sure to make such sessions creative! Maybe you could wear a maid’s uniform for a quirky set of photos? Or his favorite lingerie look? Maybe we concentrate on the features that he compliments you on so much! There are always so many possibilities to explore, making every photo session unique and wonderful.

Recently, we got a chance to work on one such fun session with our beloved returning muse Miss N! Miss N and her husband have made it a little tradition over the years to schedule a boudoir session for Miss N as a gift, every year around their anniversary. And, every year, Miss N and our team experiment with new ideas, set ups, and poses, capturing some incredible boudoir photos! We even tried a fitness boudoir session last year! But this year was extra special for the couple for it was their 25th anniversary! So we wanted to create something truly unique and new to make it that much more celebratory!

Miss N. has brought some very fun looks to work with and we worked to create her most fabulous boudoir photo series yet! She has brought with her a cute little maid’s outfit and some stunning lingerie for the session. And together, we experimented with set ups, angles, and composition to ensure that every look shines through!

We hope that you enjoy a glimpse into this very special photo session!

And, to find out more about anniversary sessions, contact us here!

Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in purple lingerie Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in purple lingerie Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in maid's lingerie Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in purple lingerie Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in black dress Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in maid's uniform Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in purple lingerie Toronto boudoir of a beautiful brunette woman in purple lingerie

A very spooky boudoir


It’s that time of the year again and we are playing our very own trick or treat! Or, that is, putting together a tricky boudoir session that is bound to be a treat for the eyes 🙂

There is just something about this holiday that wakes up some naughtiness in all of us! And there is so much to this spooky theme that we absolutely had to explore it in the boudoir format. It becomes an interesting play of juxtopositions: what is usually a theme of vital beauty, bright colors, put together silhouttes, and charm turned into something scary – you know it will be interesting! We brought our whole team together and collaborated on every idea from accessories, hair, and makeup, to fine details and styling. We really had a creative run with this and made a day of it!

Our talented makeup artist Angelina created several unique looks for the fun outfits: one channeling a kind of damsel in distress, and another with a witchy, messy style. Wild eye makeup and dark lips completed both of these beautifully! (Here is the before and after). While our director and photographer Lora, along with her assistant photographer Cristina threw together looks for the session using some of our studio’s boudoir archival pieces: leather accessories, corsets, chokers, masks, and more. We found an incredible set of horns, and used our beloved bunny mask to complete some of the key looks. Along with great styling, our talented Cristina also collaborated with Lora on further editing to finalize the photos’ look.

Our model Katrina, who also happens to be our studio’s brilliant assistant, took on her role incredibly well, channeling the wild and extravagant main character of the photoshoot. We had a lot of fun experimenting with the poses, creating the scary yet sexy feel for this series. And, in order to achive a strong, editorial look, we tried new angles, and played with classic photography techniques.

As these things usually go, through collaboration and exploration, we think that we really created something quite special! We hope that you enjoy this fun and spooky boudoir photo session as much as we loved putting it together!

And, if looking for something creative for your own boudoir session, send us a few ideas, we are always happy to collaborate and explore new themes!


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Men in boudoir


Boudoir photography, at its essence, is really an art of empowerment. An art that can reveal what hides behind our everyday persona and unveil our innermost beauty and ideas. The secret aspirations, style, passions, and even alter egos could lie hidden beyond the surface even from those that are the closest to us, only to become uncovered when preparing for and capturing boudoir photos. And it is the very vulnerability that comes with revealing of our innermost ideas that empowers like nothing that we have ever encountered before. So it is no wonder that we believe boudoir should be available to all who wish to experience it. And, while our specialization lies in classic women’s boudoir, our team is actively working on expanding it, exploring new genres, themes, styles, and poses that may fit more people.

And male boudoir is one such speciality that we actively pursue! A genre with limitless potential, men’s boudoir is a very unique and beautiful type of photography that creates a new outlook on what boudoir can be. Tailored to each gentleman, this type of photography seeks to reveal individual’s personality in a welcoming environment that is free of prejudice or expectations. An environment that embraces every man’s true character and ideas, and seeks to unveil personality edges that are otherwise hidden in everyday life. We work with a variety of themes and poses, playing with natural light, set ups, and classic apparel. We love to integrate hobbies and special interests into these sessions by the use of props (could be a guitar for a musician at heart or painter’s overalls for a man with artistic inclinations) and designing set ups in a special way around that. We believe that human body is incredibly beautiful and find artistic ways to show it through the use of light, poses, and angles.

This kind of session can make for a wonderful gift to your special someone (maybe a cheeky anniversary gift or one to make on your wedding day) or simply to yourself. It can be a refreshing way to reconnect with confidence and discover your best angles in the process. Our team fully guides the posing process, showing the best stance and movement for every set up. And it is through these sessions that we find many begin to gain their confidence with cameras as they discover their new favorite poses and angles.

Below, we have put together a few of our past male boudoir sessions. We hope that you enjoy them!

Contact us if you have any questions regarding men’s boudoir process and how you can book one – CONTACT


Young rose



As one can imagine, if there is a photographer in the family, you know that there will be a whole lot of photos captured of every family member! Mother of three beautiful children, our head photographer and founder Lora has always had a great passion for capturing her family on camera! So it is no wonder that when the children grew to be teens, they started to model for her creatives! While teenagers are notoriously hard to coax into a photo session, it is always absolutely worth it! An important time in their lives, it shows how they are becoming lovely young adults and individuals. And we often encourage our lovely muses to do portraits with their teens or gifting it to them! Not only a great confidence boost, these photos make for amazing and classy profile photos for their social networks or modeling portfolios to begin their modeling journey should they want to! And our team always has a lot of fun creating portraits with teenagers as we play with ideas, set ups, and their unique personalities!

This time, Lora has brought our team together to create a new creative with her teenage daughter Sasha! Over the years, they have captured many incredible, fantasy sessions together (see the last session here – Clara and the mouse king). Lora wanted to capture her moods and character in a very whimsical and tender setting, with lovely fashion finds and floral elements. This portrait session truly shines with its elegant editorial feel and Sasha’s modeling skills that she has now acquired over the years!

Everyone in our team has enjoyed working on this session immensely and we hope that you like the results!


Fashion portrait of young girl with flowersToronto creative portrait of young girl with flowers Toronto modeling portrait of young girl with flowers


Kissed by Light