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First impressions



In the recent years, more and more people are becoming acutely aware of the importance of a good first impression. According to the latest research, it can take just a few milliseconds to form an impression that lasts for months afterwards, even if it wasn’t initially correct or was made off a simply unsuccessful photo. It goes as far as politics where just a brief exposure to a political candidate’s photo and resulting perceived level of competence can directly predict voting results. And, while we can’t promise that a good professional portrait will get you elected Prime Minister, we are fairly certain that it can help! 🙂

Over the years, our team has gotten to learn the very best professional portrait techniques and worked with many of our clients to find that perfect photo – confident and striking, with an undeniably great first impression potential. It also happens to be one of our favorite sessions to do as we can’t help but feel honoured that our lovely muses, both women and men, choose us for this first step towards new opportunities. Be it a new job search, founding of a new business, or simply an update of a LinkedIn profile, a good business headshot is an online age equivalent of putting your best foot forward.

Recently, we had a great pleasure of creating a series of business portraits for our beautiful returning muse Miss I. Lady with a wonderful sense of style, she has brought some absolutely fantastic business looks for her session! Classic, tailored cuts, fresh colors, and a little bit of accessorizing made for some truly striking outfits proving that professional looks really don’t have to be boring! We can’t get over how confident, elegant, and beautiful Miss I looks and are absolutely certain that her photos are bound to make an amazing first impression!


Boudoir story



We truly believe that photos can and should speak a thousand words, especially when it comes to something so intimate as boudoir! With each and every session, we look to place something special and unique into the composition to reflect our muse’s individuality, interests, and even a hidden alter ego! Besides, what better time to release your self expression than your very own photo session?! Which is why we always recommend to throw shyness away and have fun when putting together your vision for the session! Have that one Chinese fan that you never get to use but you absolutely adore? Bring it along for your session! (See an example here) Or maybe you’ve always wanted to feel like a real queen and don a beautiful crown? Bring one with you! (See an example here) Perhaps you are an avid clothing designer? Incorporating various elements of your passion into a session would be wonderful! (See an example here) These little details add depth to your very own boudoir story, making every photo speak for itself.

For one of our last pre-Covid sessions, we wanted to do something whimsical, gentle, and even poetic! Diffused light, beautiful fabrics, nude tones, and a feather, all contributed to this lovely boudoir story, giving it a beautiful character of its own. While special posing added a romantic feel to the artistic nude looks, making them uniquely playful!  We hope that you enjoy viewing this photo series as much as we enjoyed creating it!


Celebrating a friend


When two different worlds of taste and love for beauty collide, magic happens! And so was the case when our studio’s director Lora Vertue took to create a portrait session with her dear friend Anat! Friends for many years, Lora wanted to celebrate Anat’s birthday by gifting her a creative photo shoot inspired by all the things she loves. And so, as a result of their creative collaboration, their photos took on a beautiful, unique look, inspired by Anat’s love of textures, intricate fabric patterns, history, and rich color pallettes.

Featuring our studio’s signature dark set up and Anat’s very own gorgeous fabrics, this photo series are full of mystery and vivid beauty. Adding to the details of the composition, the photos feature Anat’s personal creation – a stunning, bohemian ring that she created for her jewellery brand Anouk Jewelry (see the ring on the official website – Tree of Life Ring). A talented jeweler, Anouk makes some of the most beautiful fine jewelry rings we have ever seen! Take a look at her Instagram page for some jewelry inspiration (we are already avid followers).

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!



Interlaced series


Many a time, we dedicate this blog to beauty, after all, it is what we have been capturing for many years of our work in the photography field – the beauty of form, motion, boudoir, femininity, maternity, elegance, and love. But, once in a while, we like to ponder the more hidden aspects of this term – those of the more concealed and complicated emotions, struggles, and even pain. We believe it is very important to explore many different topics through art and photography, some that may even be hard to talk about, and aknowledge the challenges that many modern women face. After all, we know from our personal experience that when women get to see they are not alone in their journey, feeling the empowerement, courage and support behind a likeminded community, the more they may grow and succeed against any odds together. It was this premise and a wish to help that has prompted our creative director to bring to life a series of very special photographs, each dedicated to the many struggles and multi faceted roles of a modern woman.


Called “Enterlaced” this creative series was exhibited and sold to support a local Toronto women’s shelter that provides protection and living arrangement for women suffering from abuse. Strong, emotional movement, and special overlays portray the raw, the naked, and the difficult emotions behind the stunning models that took part in this series. These photos have a certain haunting beauty to them and remain one of our absolute favorite works, so we are very excited to show them to you here!



Is boudoir for you?


All of us, at one point or another, have come across self limiting beliefs. They creep into our lives and make themselves at home, disguised as good reason, caution, and understanding. To make matters worse, many a time, these believes are not even our own! Perhaps some heard from their grandmother that soccer is not a sport for girls while others were told that a career in (insert a field of choice) is a dead end. We probably heard so many of them that, at times, we don’t even realize how a self limiting belief settles into our mind and prevents us from discovering our potential and reaching new horizons! We, at Kissed By Light Studio, come across self limiting beliefs all the time, after all, we work in a subject that is often a taboo in our society to this day – sensuality. Don’t get us wrong, for each subject there is a right place and time, and some people have, perhaps, just never really explored the field yet. But, all too often, we come across beautiful, inspiring women who have a strong self limiting belief that such things as lingerie, heels, and boudoir photography can’t work for them and that they might look silly donning a pair of stockings! It is hard to say how that belief came to be, after all, we all have our own unique story, but there is one thing that we can tell for sure – it is just another self limiting belief, one that we have proven false to hundreds of women over the past 10 years! We often trick ourselves into thinking that in order to look good in lingerie, we should look like a certain type of lingerie model from that advertisement we saw the other day, however, it is the other way around! Lingerie is made to make us look flirty and sensual, it is made to fit our body well and flatter our curves. And so is boudoir photography – every angle we seek, every pose we come up with, every detail serves a purpose in creating a boudoir photo that makes our subject look her most unique, beautiful, and captivating self! So, the next time you catch yourself thinking that boudoir and all its attributes are not for you, ask yourself: “Is it my choice or just a self limiting belief?” You might be surprised by the answer!

Recently, we had a great pleasure creating boudoir looks for a lovely Miss S. An absolute stunner, she looked spectacular in every one of her looks, and we had such a great time putting together set ups to fit her style and personality! In the end, we went with our airy and flirty “cloud” looks, a series of striking red rose looks, and a formal portrait! We hope that you enjoy this photo series!





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