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Love is in the air



It might be the hazard of the photography profession or just our personality type, but we at Kissed By Light Studio are big romantics at heart! Give us a romantic theme and we will find so many different ways to celebrate it, especially when photography is at play. Be it elaborate decorations, delicate textures, or special lighting, everything goes towards creating a feeling of butterflies in the stomach from looking at the resulting photo! And, needless to say, when we get to work with a beautiful couple in love, photos take on a whole new meaning! Every capture comes alive with a special atmosphere and a romantic feel.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a lovely young couple who wanted to create a series of engagement photos. Due to the pandemic, they lost out on a big celebration and a full wedding experience, but they wanted a few photos that would capture this very special moment in their lives and celebrate their love. We worked with the beautiful couple to create photos that would look effortlessly elegant, classic, and timeless. Featuring some of our studio’s classic set ups and romantic looks put together by the bride, this session is irresistibly charming! We hope that you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed creatig them!


Finding your maternity looks



The big day is approaching, preparation guide has been read, the bag is ready to be packed… And you are completely our of ideas on what to wear for your upcoming maternity photo session? What would make it uniquely you and extra special? We completely understand the problem! After all, a pregnancy photo session doesn’t happen every day, and these photos will be there to remind you of this very special period in your life for many years to come. We are glad to say that, at Kissed By Light, this problem is usually already at least half solved – we provide access to our stylist curated maternity collection that contains classics such as maternity gowns and robes. Available in different colors, maternity gowns make for a lovely, timeless look and are an easy go to. But what if you would like to do something more unique and contemporary? We (or rather our muses) have the answer!

Over the years, we got the opportunity to create a mix of contemporary and classic maternity sessions, and every muse has brought her own inspirations for her session, which we would love to share with you! Recently, we had the pleasure of holding a maternity session for the lovely Miss A. She had a special, contemporary vision for her photo shoot, and we were delighted to jump to the task! She has brought a series of beautiful, modern looks, each with a certain twist: an elegant turtle neck look, a sporty undewear look, a black suit, and a classic white shirt with blue jeans look. Each one of them make for a great example of contemporary maternity looks and are bound to be timeless!

Without further ado, we hope that you enjoy this beautiful photo series with our gorgeus muse Miss A!

Being your own star


Not long ago, the realms of professional photography, makeup, and styling were reserved solely for the stars. The icons of cinema, music, fashion, and art would shine on the photos with what seemed like unattainable beauty. Few women dared to imagine that they may possess a comparable look to that of Maria Callas or Audrey Hepburn, and look as captivating in the photos as they did. But the truth is, most such great celebrities were not born perfect or incredibly glamorous the way that we grew to recognize them. It was only through the work of photographers, multiple stylists, and entire beauty teams that their signature looks and iconic images were attained. Today, being the star of your own photoshoot is not just a possibility but a reality, one that we strive to bring to every one of our muses. With the help of some of the most talented professionals in the fields of makeup artistry, styling, and design, we work to create sessions that don’t just capture beauty but also bring out the inner star, one that we are absolutely certain everyone has within them.

Recently, we had the pleasure of creating a boudoir photo session for the lovely Miss C. She came to us to capture a series of captivating photographs, and get a little confidence boost in the process, something so many of us need once in a while. Following Miss C’s style, our team members worked together to create some stunning looks. Starting with beautiful makeup and volumptuous hairdo, we created several classic boudoir styles, featuring the timeless lingerie pieces such as garter belts, bustiers, and stockings. The photo session proved a success and we think that Miss C shines in every photo like a real star!

New beginnings



If you are new to the idea of maternity photography, you might still question whether or not you should capture this time in your life. It is, afterall, an investment and you want to know what you are getting yourself into. Many doubts can arise, especially if the pregnancy itself is not making you feel like the best version of yourself: the hormones, any extra weight, and discomfort can make you feel quite unphotogenic. But, luckily, with quite a few years of maternity photography experience under our belt, we are here to take away all the doubts and make this a magical experience that you deserve.

First and foremost, we try to make preparation as simple as possible – our studio is equipped with a beautiful maternity wardrobe, set ups, and, of course, a great makeup room, so our maternity sessions require minimum preparation. Usually, they are as simple as arranging the best date (around 30-32 weeks into the pregnancy) and coming in for your session in the morning. Then makeup and hair are done for every session, with our makeup artists working to ensure that you look your most spectacular self.  And, as the session begins, our photographer directs you, helping you take the most striking poses. Many of our team members are mothers themselves and had maternity photo sessions to celebrate this important time in their life, so being familiar with what it entails, they are always happy to guide our clients towards the best results.

Recently, we had the pleasure of holding a maternity session with gorgeous Miss S. She came to our studio to create a series of elegant pregnancy photos with her husband and we worked together to find the best looks to achieve her goal. We went with our studio’s beautiful white and pink pregnancy gowns, and, for the last look, Miss S brought a great casual set of jeans and a top, which made for some wonderful modern photos. We are absolutely in love with the results of this session, and we hope that you enjoy viewing the photo selection that we have prepared for you!


Celebration of love


Over the years, we had the pleasure of celebrating so many different, special, and important occasions with our lovely muses. Together, we celebrated beauty during our boudoir photo sessions, love during our classic couple’s portraits, family in our lively family photo sets, motherhood during our maternity photo sessions, and so many other important aspects of life. It is with this sense of celebration that each of our photo shoots is held, and it is with honor that we take part in these important moments of our muses’ lives. And we couldn’t be more proud and delighted when we get to celebrate new occasions with our returning muses.

The first time, Miss K. came to our studio to celebrate her upcoming wedding with some elegant bridal looks and to create a gift for her husband to be. Soon after, we got the honor to create her and her husband’s wedding portraits, celebrating their love! Together, they wanted to create a series of timeless and elegant studio portraits that would feature their closest family in a relaxed, professionally created setting, away from a busy wedding venue. We gladly took on this important task and, seeking inspiration from classic hollywood studio photography, we implemented studio photo backgrounds, some moody lighting, and loft like studio settings. Everyone looked absolutely spectacular and we think that the photos managed to capture the love and the excitement of the beautiful newlywed couple.

It has been 4 years now since this photo session and we are very excited to congratulate this gorgeous couple on their anniversary! And, to celebrate, we would like to reshare this wonderful series with you!



Kissed by Light