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Empower Your Essence: Embracing Self-Love and Confidence



In today’s world, the journey towards women’s empowerment remains an essential one. It’s about embracing self-love, self-confidence, and finding security in one’s own skin. At Kissed by Light Studio, we understand the significance of this voyage and how celebrating it can be a transformative experience.

Our returning client, ANNALISA, revisited our studio to craft a personal branding photoshoot for her debut as a personal coach. She offers a program designed to help women kickstart their path to self-empowerment and wished to showcase her identity and strength as an exemplar of the powerful woman we all aspire to become. This program serves as a guiding light for those who may not know where to begin in their way to self-confidence and self-love.

Our team believes that one powerful way to commemorate this adventure is through a portrait photoshoot. We specialize in capturing the essence of individuals through empowering photography. These photoshoots are tailored to your unique style and personality, and through your portraits, you’re reminded of your beauty, confidence, and uniqueness. The experience itself can elevate your self-assurance, as our female photographers create a safe and encouraging atmosphere for you to express your authentic self.

Each image will be a work of art, showcasing your strength, beauty, and individuality, reflecting the amazing woman you’ve become. In this scenario, we choose carefully designed lighting setups and simple backgrounds to create an environment where Annalisa and her unique style command the spotlight. Every detail, texture, and nuance of her outfits come to life, enabling her personality to shine and stand out in every captured moment.

We invite you to share your story with us. Let us be a part of your personal empowerment journey. Whether you’re commemorating a milestone, overcoming adversity, or simply ready to embrace the powerful woman within, our team is here to capture your essence through the lens.

CONTACT US today to book a portrait photoshoot that reflects the extraordinary woman you are. Celebrate yourself and let us be your partner on this remarkable trip to self-discovery and self-love.


Exploring BDSM Artistry with Miss H and Miss L



Welcome to the conclusion of our blog series, where artistry meets the realm of desires. In this third and final blog post, we delve deep into uncharted territories, capturing the enthralling dance of power and submission as MISS H and MISS L intertwine in an electrifying BDSM photoshoot.

Our female team masterfully wielded dramatic artificial lighting, elevating the captivating industrial condo to a realm of shadows and contrasts. Under the creative direction of Lora, every detail came alive – from the enticing curve of leather and latex outfits to the glint of harnesses and handcuffs. The atmosphere was palpably charged with an air of delicacy and eroticism, each click of the camera encapsulating the essence of this exploration.

In this session, both Miss H and Miss L bravely embraced their roles, surrendering to the depths of their desires. The BDSM world unfolded before the lens as they navigated both submissive and dominant dynamics, intertwining vulnerability and strength in ways that challenged traditional norms. The tools of the trade – leashes, whips, and more – became extensions of their expressions, capturing the raw beauty of their uninhibited exploration.

The black and white photos and the artistic lighting cast a spell, weaving a tapestry of shadows that danced across their forms. This fine art photography approach revealed more than just physical connections; it exposed the intricate emotions and intricate bond between two souls willing to explore the game.

As the series concludes, we invite you to continue your journey of inspiration and curiosity. Follow our INSTAGRAM account to stay connected with our artistic endeavours and the captivating stories that lie beyond the lens. Each photograph is a testament to the power of human connection and the courage to embrace the multifaceted nature of desire.

Thank you for joining us on this exhilarating voyage. Until our paths cross again, remember that true beauty lies in the exploration of the unknown, and empowerment thrives in the embrace of one’s deepest passions.

Elegance in Simplicity: Our Maternity Giveaway Muse



At Kissed by Light Studio, we hold a profound belief that every expecting mother deserves to cherish the beauty of her pregnancy through captivating maternity photos. Each image should be a unique reflection of her character, mood, and style, highlighting the natural beauty of her body during this incredible journey. Today, we are delighted to share the enchanting tale of our recent maternity session giveaway, featuring the lovely Miss L. as our muse, who graciously won this extraordinary opportunity.

Miss L. exuded excitement as she stepped into our studio, eager to embark on this journey with our dedicated female team. With our focus on creating something simple, minimalistic, and yet contemporary, we were determined to capture the essence of motherhood in its purest form.

The heart of our approach lay in finding the perfect balance between dramatic and soft lighting, which lent a touch of sophistication to our magazine-style maternity photoshoot. As the radiant glow of motherhood embraced Miss L., our lighting compositions emphasized the delicate curves and beautiful changes her body underwent during this miraculous phase.

The simplicity of the backgrounds allowed Miss L.’s radiant glow to shine through effortlessly, accentuating her maternal essence with every click of the camera. Working with her was an absolute pleasure for our team. Her warmth and genuine excitement added an extra sparkle to the session, making it a joyous collaboration. She embraced the role of a muse with grace, effortlessly embodying the essence of motherhood, captivating our lenses in every frame.

Allow us to dedicate a special moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for our beloved makeup and hair artist, ANGELINA. Her artistry brought out a perfect timeless beauty and elegance. We are immensely proud of her work, talent and dedication.

We invite you to witness the magic of this maternity photoshoot, where every picture narrates a tale of love, grace, and natural beauty. Our dedication lies in crafting images that are more than just photographs; they are cherished memories that will forever remind you of this precious time in your life.

For those seeking inspiration and a glimpse into the wonders of Motherhood, Boudoir or Portrait photography, follow us on INSTAGRAM. Join us in celebrating the boundless beauty of maternity, an eternal gift that deserves to be treasured. CONTACT US to start planning your experience with us!

Exploring Fine Art Nude Photography with Miss L


Welcome back to the second post of our captivating blog series! In this chapter, we venture once again to the amazing industrial condo in Toronto, where we previously photographed the stunning Miss H. Now, with Miss L. as our muse, we embark on a new journey of artistry and sensuality.  Our female team delve into the enigmatic world of art nude photography, crafting something truly unique while utilizing the same enchanting space.

Miss L. graces the lens with confidence, a quality that enhances the allure of her beautifully sculpted body. As a female-led team of photographers, we emphasize creating a safe and empowering environment for our clients, which allows their true essence to shine through in every shot. Miss L.’s trust in our vision empowers us to push boundaries and explore the delicate balance between sensuality and art.

As she suggested, some photos where inspired by grand paintings like “GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING” and “GRANDE ODALISQUE“. With each click of the shutter, we aim to harmoniously blend classical art influences with contemporary photography techniques. Our focus on picturesque and classy lighting transforms each photo into a masterpiece, akin to a captivating painting that celebrates the human form.

In this series of three posts, we unveil the essence of femininity, capturing moments of vulnerability and strength. The first post featured a tantalizing pin-up style, celebrating MISS H’s SENSUALITY with a touch of vintage charm. Now, with art nude photography, we focus on Miss L.’s inner strength and the raw beauty of her form, allowing her personality to unfold like brushstrokes on a canvas.

As we invite you to stay tuned for the final chapter, we promise a truly intimate and playful experience. In the upcoming post, we’ll unveil the depths of trust and connection between Miss L. and Miss H. while interacting with the artful world of BDSM photography. Through tasteful and respectful imagery, we showcase the beauty of authentic intimacy and the power of embracing one’s desires and sensuality.

Our art nude photography session with Miss L. reflects the core values of our female team: empowerment, respect, and creativity. Each photo is a testament to the strength and grace found within every individual, captured through the lens of artistry.

To not miss the third and final post of this series, be sure to stay tuned on our INSTAGRAM. We can’t wait to share this powerful and intimate journey with all of you.

Until next time, remember to celebrate the beauty within and the strength that lies in embracing one’s true self.

Pin Up Boudoir Session in a Toronto Industrial Condo



In the realm of photography, there are moments that simply leave you spellbound. Our recent boudoir photoshoot with the captivating Miss H. was undoubtedly one such occasion. With her unique beauty, fiery red hair, and an enchanting hourglass figure, Miss H. effortlessly embodied the essence of the classic Pin-up style. Our team had the privilege of capturing her grace and allure on location, within an extraordinary industrial condo that offered a captivating backdrop for our creative endeavours.

Photographing a boudoir session on location adds a thrilling dimension to the artistic process. The industrial condo, with its architectural details and enchanting spaces, became our canvas. Every corner and corridor provided an opportunity to create diverse and striking images that truly embraced the essence of this unique Boudoir photoshoot. From soft and sensual poses to vibrant and playful shots, we explored the full spectrum of possibilities that this unique location had to offer.

By embracing the natural lighting that the exquisite industrial condo offered, along with the strategic use of artificial lighting and the abundance of resources at our disposal, we crafted a series of breathtaking images that effortlessly captured her charm and uniqueness.

Our journey with Miss H. was just the beginning of a captivating series of boudoir photos. The magic of this industrial condo location will soon be showcased with the stunning Miss L, as well as a tantalizing joint session featuring both Miss H. and Miss L. The anticipation to reveal these extraordinary moments of beauty and sensuality is palpable, and we invite you to join us on this unforgettable voyage.

Our female TEAM strives to create an experience that celebrates your unique beauty and brings your vision to life. Whether it’s a glamorous Pin-up shoot in studio or a more contemporary boudoir session on location, we are dedicated to capturing your essence and creating images that will leave you breathless.

Miss H.’s extraordinary beauty and the exceptional industrial condo location allowed us to create a boudoir photoshoot that surpassed all expectations. The passion and creativity that unfolded on that day were truly inspiring. As we prepare to share the remaining photos in this series, we invite you to stay tuned on our INSTAGRAM account for more boudoir inspiration and ideas.

Step into our world, where timeless beauty meets modern sensuality, and let us capture your essence in a way that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and soul.


Kissed by Light