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Experience that counts



We often wonder just what is that golden formula of a truly valuable experience. For some, it is something that creates happy memories to cherish for years to come, for others, it may be the transformation that takes place inside them during the event. Many people have very different ideas of where true value lies in the experiences that they seek, but we often find that one of the biggest ones is the self discovery that takes place. Traveling, going to events, spending time with friends and family, exploring new places – the best of these experiences tend to be the ones that reveal to us who we are and make us better. With this thought in mind, we always try to make our photography experience most and foremost one of self discovery and liberation. Many women have first walked into our studio with feelings of self doubt, that told them that they are not beautiful enough, not slim enough, not curvy enough, not photogenic enough, not sexy enough. Through our work together and the experience of a photo session, they walked out with photos that spoke to them not only that they are good enough, but that they are perfect just the way they are. It is what we strive to as a team and what truly makes our work so very special to us.

Recently, we had a great pleasure of working with lovely Miss K. She came to our studio to treat herself to a special experience and capture some beautiful photos, of course. We wanted to celebrate her and create a unique and memorable session, with photos that may empower and make her feel confident. Miss K already had some wonderful looks that she selected for her session, which we completed with shoes from our collection. We think that the photos turned out absolutely lovely and Miss K looks absolutely stunning!

We hope that you enjoy this photo series!


Maternity series in black and white


Just like most modes of self expression, photography is undoubtedly subject to ever evolving trends. Fashion, boudoir, and maternity photography evolves each and every season. Work of some of the most known publications and, in today’s world, social media accounts, often leads the change in photography with introduction of new styles, looks, and fashion. So what is one to do when choosing the style to go with for one’s very own photo session? What if the looks that seem so unique and fresh today look downright silly in ten years time? Afterall, when it comes to personal photography, you want it to look beautiful for many years to come as it turns into a precious memory. We find that the answer lies in balance – we love to try out new looks and styles at the studio but always seek to incorporate timeless and personal elements that may never age or go after style.

Such was the case when we had the opportunity to work with our lovely muse Miss A. Together, we worked to create a session that is both modern yet timeless, incorporating her elegant style into every shot. And, to give it that extra touch of elegance, we made part of the session in an effortlessly classy black and white style.

We hope that you enjoy this lovely maternity series!

Strong and beautiful



“Inspiration is all around you” is a phrase that we have all probably heard before, and is one that we can get behind on a hundred percent! Afterall, in our line of work, we really do get an honour and joy of working with some incredibly inspiring people, every one of whom has left a special mark on our studio over the years. Through collaboration with our muses, we get to invent many of our studio’s very best set ups, poses, and looks, as they influence our photo sessions and inspire us for new creations. But it often goes beyond style and beauty as their strength, love and incredible journeys often influence us on a more personal level. Through our blog, we hope to convey at least a little bit of this inspiration and share with you the beautiful photography results and snippets of their story.

Our returning muse Sandra happens to be one such great inspiration to us! Incredibly charming, smart, dedicated, and stylish, Sandra is a beautiful mother of three with a passion for fitness and wellness. Throughout what has now been quite a few years, we got to be there for some of her important personal milestones as her beautiful family grew (see one of our past sessions with her: mother with daughters series). And, recently, we were really delighted to be a part of her new social media project called Strong with Sandra Levy (@strongwithsandralevy), where she shares her knowledge on the topics of health, wellness, and athleisure. We created a series of photos for her new endeavor, featuring some lovely scenery from Toronto’s very own Scarborough Bluffs Park. Sandra’s vision for the session and great style choices made this session really unique and inspired us to try some great new photography techniques. To see a little video from behind the scenes of this session, take a look here – BTS. We are really excited for Sandra’s new project and will definitely be following many of her smart fitness routines!

Capturing new beginnings


Amidst what seemed like endless interruptions, restrictions, and lockdowns, our studio, just like so many others, had to close its doors for most of the past year. Despite the pause, we wanted to continue envisioning and aspiring for a new and better future for the studio in all its aspects: from set up design to boudoir posing and style evolution. And as we are reopening our doors to photo sessions once again, our team is putting in all of the inspirations they dreamed up during this difficult, albeit renewing time. Embracing new set ups (and long forgotten classics), new makeup styles (courtesy of our lovely makeup artist Angelina who continued perfecting her techniques amidst the pandemic), and new angles is giving some of our latest sessions that fresh breath.

So it was a great delight to work on a maternity photo session with our lovely Miss Nelly, a close friend of our studio and a talented artist (see her past session with us here), who wanted some charming and varied captures of her very own new beginning as she expects an addition to her lovely family. From contemporary to light and airy, we wanted to capture Nelly’s different styles, in what was a delightful and fun session to do. Nelly was a little bit ahead of our usual 30-32 week term pregnancy, so her belly is a little bit smaller than in our usual maternity captures but it only added to the session’s relaxed look.

We are sincerely wishing this lovely family great happiness on their new beginnings and hope that you enjoy viewing this lovely photo series!


Power dressing


We often wondered, what is the secret of the outfits that make you feel like the most confident, empowered version of yourself? It is a question that may, perhaps, only be answered individually, but one thing we know for certain – there are absolutely no restraints or rules when it comes to the looks that empower you! Be it unique colors, cuts or accessories, the potential for self experession is limitless, and, at last, genuine self expression is becoming the new form of power dressing. Originally a form of establishing authority in professional and political environments dominated by men, power dressing for women is becoming more and more about true confidence as old standards and prejudice are gradually starting to fade away. More and more companies are embracing relaxed dress code policies while business women expand on their personal branding, adopting looks that express their true self and make them feel powerful.

In our studio, we love to do photo sessions that expand on our lovely muses’ business vision and create captivating content for business’ web pages and social media. It is an undoubtedly very fulfilling kind of work where we get to expand on looks and set ups that make our muses feel their most confident, and the best part is that we get to be creative and have fun in the process!

Recently, we had a great pleasure working with a lovely and talented Melissa! A mindset strategist (see her page @mj_mindset for some wonderful motivational content), she was updating some of her web photography and, together, we created imagery following her personal branding style. With a great eye for beauty, she has brought some wonderful outfits that spoke of power dressing but in her own fun and unique way. And, to add an extra special note to the session, we finished it with one of our creative ballerina doll looks!

We hope that you enjoy viewing this lovely photo series!



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