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Headshots and Personal Branding: spring promotions launch!



The New Year has started in full swing, and 2023 still holds many promises and opportunities ahead! Many of our dear clients have come to us with an idea to refresh their professional photos -headshots on business sites such as LinkedIn, personal branding photos for personal business sites, new photos for the corporate roster, and many more! Spring is just around the corner and we think it’s the perfect time to invest in these new starts and opportunities! For this, we have prepared a very special, highly discounted Headshot Package:



  Promotional Headshot Package


2 outfit changes and set ups

3 edited photos

$200 makeup and hair extra

 (just make up $150, just hair $80)

Selecting from raw (20-40 raw images)


– OR –


25% off on all portrait and personal branding packages

Both promotions will be active for the month of March only! Limited availability.


Contact us for more details and availability – CONTACT.

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Breaking rules



At one point or another in our life, we’ve all probably heard it – be a lady, be nice, don’t dress too provocatively, yet also not boring, don’t be a prude, yet don’t be too forward, you are a mother you shouldn’t dress sexy but also don’t look like a nun…etc. As girls, we get an earful of what to be, with ideas at times conflicting, leaving us feeling like we could never win. And, in matters of public opinion, we all feel a little constrained sometimes, unable to make decisions that are truly us. At the studio, one of our key goals has always been liberation… Liberation from public judgment, prejudice, made-up rules, and even ourselves – for when we play dress up and experiment, try out an alter ego and wear whatever damn we please, magic happens! The kind of magic that shows us that we are boundless and really can be whatever we want, wear whatever we want, and look good in the way that makes us happy. Here, there is only safety and a group of women who are excited to explore new ideas and encourage self-expression. Makeup artists and stylists who absolutely love unique inspirations and ideas, create looks that speak to you in a special way. Here, photographers can take an idea and find all the ways to enhance it – light, angles, poses, and details can amplify the concept in mind and make it truly shine. The beauty of photography is that it can speak without any words and portray even the innermost desires. And, in the end, you choose who sees it – maybe you keep your photos private, hidden away as a kind of beautiful secret or, perhaps, you share them with your special someone, allowing him/her a glimpse into a special, hidden world within you. There are really no rules here – you write them yourself.

In the spirit of going against the rules of being nice and looking like a “good girl”, we have recently explored a very special domain of photography with one of our muses – the BDSM style. Moody, sensual, dark, and extravagant, this style is always so fun to explore in the studio – experimenting with accessories, unique lingerie styles, and a whole lot of pose variations allows this genre to be very unqiue to every muse that tries it. Our lovely muse Miss K. had a few stunning sets with her that highlighted her curves in a dramatic style. We have opted in for some gentle curls for her hair which we later wetted to create that striking and effotlessly sexy wet look. For her makeup, sultry smoky eye was achieved to further dramatize her look. Our classic set ups served as a perfect backdrop for this photo session and we are absolutely in love with the way everything has turned out!

We hope that you enjoy this amazing series with the gorgeous Miss K. and feel inspired to break a few little rules yourself this week (but tsssh you didn’t hear this from us!)… 🙂

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Getting festive!


It is that time of the year again, and we are very excited about everything that Holidays bring with them: getting together with family and friends, gifts, holiday food, festive decorations, and sparkly displays. And there is really nothing quite like watching the transformation the entire city makes as everyone rushes to bring their take on the holidays! This general sense of merriment in the air is really hard to resist, and we decided not to. So we got together with our team for a special, festively themed photo session at the studio!

The session in question was, of course, boudoir! It may not feel like the most obvious choice for Holidays but, from our experience, boudoir makes for the most unique and fun gift to your special someone during this time, and completely outshines all of the typical stocking stuffings! In fact, it becomes a welcome change to the usual holiday gift routine and is very popular with our muses! Every year, we book a multitude of holiday boudoir sessions during the two months leading up to the holidays and create some lovely albums, folios, and mini books for our muses to gift to their special someone (including themselves, of course!).

But we haven’t quite tried a fully festive take on our boudoir photo sessions yet – we would usually do a winter-themed boudoir or classic boudoir for the Christmas gifts but nothing truly Holiday themed. So, this year, we decided to take the opportunity and create a very merry boudoir set up, decked with wrapped gifts, lovely lights, and some striking green lingerie, of course! Our beautiful muse Katrina had her makeup done by our talented resident makeup artist Angelina, who opted for red lips paired with sultry eyes, creating a bright and celebratory look! While our director Lora and photographer Cristina styled the set and put the classic, Victorian-style chaise lounge along with festively wrapped gifts to create a perfect little Holiday scene. We think that the end result turned out really quite fun and lovely, proving, yet again, that boudoir and festive go well together!

We hope that you enjoy this special photo series and feel inspired to add a little boudoir to your holiday cheer this year!

Follow this link to see the behind the scenes footage from the photo session – bts video. And reach out to us if you have any questions – contact.

Capturing the magic of motherhood



Mother, mère, mama, mam, mutter, okaachan, am’mā… In every country, in hundreds of different languages, and millions of families, it is often this word (or perhaps its simplified version) that becomes one of the very first in an individual’s life! So much is encompassed in its meaning, and so many feelings and emotions come alight when we hear it… The journey of motherhood is probably one of the most incredible ones that we have ever captured (at least partly)! Our founder Lora is herself a mother to three beautiful children, and so are several of our team members, and this personal experience often becomes the first point of inspiration that we draw from when approaching maternity and family photography. Reflecting on the love and warmth so fundamental during pregnancy and motherhood, we look towards artistic output to capture what can’t quite be described with words! Light, colors, gentle textures, angles, and a few photography tricks come to play when capturing our wonderful mothers! No one mother is the same, of course, so every session creates its very own, special storyline, one that allows her to shine through in her very own, unique light.

A few years ago, we got to meet one of the lovely mothers that we got to work with over the years, our wonderful muse, Miss S. She came to capture her very first maternity photo session back then, and we worked together to create something that would reflect her personal spark as a mother to be, as well as her style and personality. The results turned out absolutely beautiful, and it was such a great pleasure to work with her! So we couldn’t be happier when we recently got to work with Miss S again and, this time, meet her daughter (whom she was carrying during her last session) as well!  We had a really great time collaborating on new ideas and putting together the special setups for this session, filling them with bright details, flowers, and beautiful textures. Both ladies’ personalities shined through the camera as they have followed some of our classic poses but also got captured in some truly candid, beautiful moments. This was an absolutely magical mother-daughter maternity photoshoot, and we think that every photo feels alive with their personality and love! Needless to say, we are very excited to share a little peek into this special photoshoot!

To see more of our past maternity sessions, take a look at our maternity blog or Instagram.


Winter promotions at the studio!


2023 is fast approaching and we are very excited! This year has brought plenty of changes with it and growth for our team! For one, our lovely photographer Cristina started her work at the studio with great success! We also have developed some new setups, looks, and ideas for all of our favorite photo sessions, including boudoir, maternity, portrait, personal branding photography, and more! With all of the changes behind us, we can’t wait to see what the new year has in store!

But before we begin the new chapter, we would like to celebrate our dear muses to ring in the New Year! This year, we will be providing two special promotions with every session booked for winter or spring, 2023.

Make sure to mention the “promotion” when booking your session. We look forward to seeing you in the new year and caprturing some spectacular photography together!

For any questions about our sessions or to inquire about availability, send us a message – contact us

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