28 Feb 2014

We are very happy to add professional Actor Headshots photography service to our menu! For professional actors, a good headshots portfolio reflecting the versatility of their physical appearance, skills, personality and character is vital to get casting calls. We have been contemplating to introduce professional Actor Headshots photo service for quite a while, as so […]

18 Jan 2014

Sensuous, fragile, innocent and gracious, the results of our latest spontaneous studio creative were spectacular! Thank you for being our muse and inspiration, Miss M!

23 Aug 2013

It was great having Miss N in our studio. Special thanks to our stylist Nelly Tsyrlin for pulling a great wardrobe together. We had a chance to experiment with pinup lingerie and pinup boudoir poses. The photographs turned out stylish and feminine and with a vintage touch to them. Thank you Miss N for being […]

23 Jul 2013

Dears, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite boudoir photoshoots we did not too long ago. Lovely Miss A exerted so much femininity and sensuality, every move and pose inspired to capture her effortless beauty. The lingerie choice were classy and flirty pieces mixed together, complementing the amazing personality and looks of […]

10 Jun 2013

Beauty is variable, so is sensuality and the definition of ‘sexy’. In this creative photo shoot with a star supermodel Jessica Lewis we took a different approach to sexy boudoir photos and instead of using female garments we chose strictly male wardrobe (with small exceptions of course). What turned out is an edgy and daring […]

27 May 2013

As the weather is greeting us with warmth and sunshine we got inspired to introduce a more vivid color palllete into our work. Flower motifs give such a romantic feel to our boudoir style photography and the studio transforms with the golden 5 o’clock light. Our muse, Miss A., revived us after long winter and […]

29 Apr 2013

Miss E. and her exceptional girls visited our studio this month. So much love, energy and closeness was shared between them – they have such an amazing family vibe which we captured in a series of portraits here at Kissed by Light! Four beautiful ladies – a mother and her three gorgeous daughters, thank you […]

23 Apr 2013

April showers bring may flowers! Miss A. came to us this spring when the weather was still cold and warm weather was much anticipated. First of all we were fascinated by how much she resembles the sexy Jennifer Aniston ;P and how glowing and radiant she was. She lit up the studio and gave us […]

16 Feb 2013

Our Gift Certificate for a photo session is a memorable and unique present, that will be treasured for years to come. We will be happy to create glamorous photographs capturing the beauty of your loved ones. Stand out with a unique gift – give a gift of the moment, because this moment is life. Message us for […]

04 Feb 2013

Since Lora had her third child we barely had time for creative shoots, but now our schedule have changed and Lora is getting back on track to do more fashion projects! Just recently we had an opportunity to shoot a new face of Elite Modelling Agency – Katya Romanov. She is just starting her career […]

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