Our muse: Miss A

Apr 23, 2013Boudoir & Lingerie, Elegant Portrait, Portfolio

Our muse: Miss A

April showers bring may flowers!

Miss A. came to us this spring when the weather was still cold and warm weather was much anticipated. First of all we were fascinated by how much she resembles the sexy Jennifer Aniston ;P and how glowing and radiant she was. She lit up the studio and gave us so much positive energy! This photoshoot was a present for her dear husband on their 10th anniversary since their first date! How romantic! We were honoured to do this photo project as a present for such a lovely occasion.

We hope that he loved the photos as much as we did and will enjoy this fresh and sexy photo shoot for many years!

Thank you, Miss A. for inspiring us and bringing us warmth and happiness on the first day of spring!