02 Oct 2019

It would be fair to say that year 2019 might go into history as humanity’s important turning point. A point in history when our environmental impact is not only acknowledged but is fought with full fervor by many countries and industrialists alike. More and more industries are prioritizing the minimization of their impact on nature, […]

14 Mar 2019

Each woman’s boudoir is a world of beauty, one that is strictly personal and highly imaginative. We have yet to meet a woman without a kind of zest for creativity! A personal touch, a well put accent, or even the way one wears her lingerie, everything makes up the woman and her very personal boudoir. […]

02 Aug 2017

Beauty has no age. As photographers, we are lucky to be capturing the beauty of a female body in all it’s glorious stages – from the body of a younger woman, to the magical curves of pregnancy, to women in their 50′s and 60′s celebrating confidence and sensuality. We were delighted to work on this […]

19 Jul 2017

A recent trend or a long awaited creative outlet? At Kissed by Light studio we are convinced that a classy and sophisticated boudoir photoshoot is definitely the latter. Providing women with a beautiful, feminine and safe space to express themselves is one of the best things we’ve ever created! A boudoir photoshoot is a fun, […]

26 Sep 2014

Passion, sensuality and sexiness have defined our latest studio shoot with a gorgeous muse, Miss M. Clean lines and silhouettes, black & white, as well as soft and warm tones have accentuated Miss M’s beautiful curves. Enjoy our selection!

10 Sep 2014

Feminine beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and the beauty of female body can be captured in so many ways! We did these artistic series in our photo studio for one of our beautiful clients in black and white tones to accentuate her physique with an intense play of light and shadows. Enjoy our […]

25 Apr 2014

Gorgeous and confident, Miss H dazzled us with her striking beauty and sweet personality. Inspired by Spring sunshine and romance, we created images that breath sensuality, passion and youth. Enjoy our selection!

13 Jan 2014

Enjoy Kissed by Light Photo studio’s latest video by our talented videographer, Ameri. Starring our fabulous muse, Miss L, it masterfully documents the atmosphere of the photo set, beautiful and intricate details, charm and sensual body language that can only be captured on video! Watch Ameri’s other videos HERE.

03 Jan 2014

We were captivated by this redheaded Goddess with emerald green eyes and long flaming locks! Miss K has stunned us with her unique gorgeous looks, as much as with her lovely, down-to-earth personality. With assistance of our talented wardrobe stylist, Nelly, Miss K turned into a lioness in our photo studio. Thank you for being […]

06 Nov 2013

I am not one in a million kind of girl, I am once in a lifetime kind of woman. Miss C’s favourite quote We are proud to photograph yet another Marylin Monroe inspired boudoir photoshoot, this time with a beautiful Miss C. Marylin’s timeless image of femininity and sensuality is inspirational and liberating for so […]

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