Let’s play

Nov 1, 2022Boudoir & Lingerie, Fine Art Nude

Let’s play



We believe that boudoir plays by no rules. Aside from photography’s more technical aspects such as angles, aperture, lighting, focal points, and other specialized details (which we take fully upon ourselves at Kissed By Light Studio), it is a genre that is meant to liberate rather than constrain. It is meant to help free yourself from personal as well as society’s imposed limitations, and begin a journey of self discovery. We have met so many women that would come to experience a photo session for themselves in order to break away from such silly limitations as age (because nobody is ever too old to start celebrating their body), other people’s opinion (because nobody can tell you who to be or what to wear), and even personal opinion (because everyone can step into the role of a boudoir model and look spectacular).  A very unique and private experience, a photo session can be the outlet to reveal the very things we may have been hiding from the world and celebrate all the aspects of who we truly are.

Among boudoir’s many variations, there is one that we absolutely love to explore – the BDSM one. Because putting on constraints (that look great, of course) can actually be very liberating! It is a photography genre that can be intimidating but very beautiful when done correctly by a photographer with good experience. At our studio, all of our photographers practice in the genre and experiment with creating new looks and set ups for it. We usually have a few beautiful, BDSM style items in our closet such as corsets, lingerie, accessories, and shoes, and use them to expand on our more unique, moody boudoir stories. Such was the case with our lovely model Katrina (also our studio’s brilliant photography assistant), when we decided to put together a new photo series with the BDSM context. We worked with a variety of beautiful leather items and styled her looks to create some of our most striking photos to date!

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If you have an idea for your very own photo session, feel free to let us know and we will be happy to start brainstorming the ways we can make it happen together – contact us.