19 Jun 2019

Touch of scarlet

“Embodied cognition” – when our clothing affects our perception of ourselves.

What an interesting and invigorating experience it can be, trying on different looks, embracing new style, or even just playing dress up…And lingerie is no different – it has power to really transform how we feel, awakening something very natural and even naughty within us. Speaking not just from personal experience, our team observes such transformations almost every day – many professional women and busy mothers suddenly take on a different look, as they don an intricate lace lingerie set and get their make up done in our dressing room akin to one from a movie set. Which is why we love it so much to find new pieces for our studio wardrobe… Be it masks, corsets, garter belts, each of them creates not just a look but a feeling, one that inevitably makes it’s way through the photography lens and into the memorable shots.

Just recently we had the pleasure of working with a remarkable lady, Ms. C. A mother of three children, this gorgeous woman came to us to capture a series of boudoir photos in the signature Kissed By Light style. From the very first moments of makeup application her experience began, and it wasn’t long before she was posing for photos with great confidence and sensuality, captivating the lens. And need we say that red colour suits her very well! Here are some of the final photographs from that session that we hope you enjoy!

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  • Karen Calberry p:

    I would absolutely love to have pictures done like this photo shoot! How much was this package? I need a confidence self esteem booster and this will definitely help!

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